Monday, May 02, 2011

We Walked!

Saturday dawned, well, not exactly bright and sunny, but NOT raining which was good enough for me. After literally months of begging for funds, we were able to put our feet where our mouths were, or something like that. This year's March for Babies will also be know as, "That time when both children basically refused to cooperate for the same photo."

This one looks okay, but only because their sweet faces are so far away.

Our March for Babies walk takes place in a local historic "park" where several ancient buildings have been brought to rest. Here are the children sitting on the porch of one of them:

We timed things so that we didn't have to wait around too long before the actual walk began.

Things started off well. Then, after about three minutes of walking, Harper lost a balloon she'd been given and became practically inconsolable. I love the idea of all of us walking this event together every year. I don't always love actually doing it... to be fair, three miles is a pretty long walk for a six-year-old.

Even Michael got out of the stroller to walk/run for a bit (he tripped and fell at the end of the sidewalk) and Harper rode in the stroller for a few blocks which seemed to help her mood. And, of course, there were more balloons to be had at the end of the walk. All's well that ends well!

I did even manage to remember to think thankful thoughts a few times during the walk - grateful for my two children who were there with me and feeling compassion for those whose babies will never walk with them.
A HUGE thanks goes out to all of you who supported us with contributions and well wishes.

We did it!


Erin said...

Yay!! Great job, everybody! Harper walking 3 miles is impressive. Cal has his first 5k coming up, and I'm working hard to temper brett's expectations that he'll do the whole thing on his own two feet.

You guys should feel great about the contribution to a worthy cause.

JM said...

Way to go and congratulations to the whole clan!

Chris said...

I so wanted to walk with you guys, but soccer got in the way. Maybe next year! Thank God for those beautiful children of yours!

tracy said...

YAY! so so so awesome.

bluedaisy said...

Awesome day! And I love the shirt on Harper and Michael's coordinating shirt :) Can't wait for Chloe to wear her dress (and we gave one to a new addition to the family).

Mommy Daisy said...

So happy to see the outcome! And that's great that the kids walked too!

CARRIE said...

Awesome! So proud of your fundraising efforts!