Monday, May 09, 2011

More Kidspeak

This morning Harper asked me if I was wearing mascara. Sometimes I do, but today I wasn't.

She followed up by saying, "That's good, I don't like it when you wear mascara or lipstick, especially lipstick. Then you look like a movie star. I don't want you to look like a movie star, I just want you to look like my plain regular mom."

Funny, right? If I am dressed up (and mind you, that doesn't take much) Harper will often comment that I look nice, but apparently she doesn't like it, she's just already been socialized to comment when I appear to have made an effort.

It reminds me of experiences I occasionally had with my first graders when I taught many years ago. 99% of the time I wear my hair pulled back. This was the same when I was a teacher. On rare occasions I would wear my hear down to school, here are a couple of the comments I would get:

"Miss M - your hair got long!" (As though it was wondrously longer overnight.)

"Your hair is different. I don't like it. Can you put it back the usual way please?" (That from a very dear little boy who was NOT a fan of change.)



Chris said...

So funny! Can't please them, you know? So good to see you today. Have a good week!

CARRIE said...

Whenever I break down and buy something for myself, N rubs her hands on it and asks, "Can I have this when you're done with it?" One day she won't deign to wear something that her frumpy old mom wears.