Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have a Friend Who Wrote a Book!

Way back in my college days I was fortunate enough to meet Jen Violi. We worked together on campus ministry projects and became friends. Easy to do as she is such a marvelous person. Here is a photo of us from St. Patrick's Day 1999:

(Hello college! Yes, my hair is in pigtails, it was a party...)

Flash forward to 2000 when I moved back to my college town to begin teaching Jen and I became roommates. We had two great years sharing music, movies, books, wine, Gilmore Girls, and our own stories. I didn't have to know Jen for very long to realize what a talented writer she was. And apparently I'm not the only one who things so because her first actual novel has been published! She will have a book, available in libraries and bookstores, with hard covers and a picture and HER OWN NAME ON IT!

Hooray Jen! 

I am kind of in awe that I know such a phenomenally talented person and am fortunate enough to call her my friend. I am not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of her book, which I pre-ordered of course. Today is the official release day and I'm starting to rethink my pre-order, because it means I could have the book today but it isn't in my actual hands yet... Come on post office, get a move on!

You know, you can order Jen's book, too, if you are so inclined. It is called Putting Makeup on Dead People and is available lots of places, including Amazon. I haven't read it yet, but I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Congratulations my friend! I know this day did not come easily and I'm so proud of you.


Sara said...

Yay for Jen! I just checked our her website and it seems as if she is leading an amazing life! I know that my path has crossed Jen's at some point at UD, but I'm trying to figure out where...possibly in theatre...still thinking. :) Anyway, congrats to her!

bluedaisy said...

Read a couple of really good reviews of this...definitely adding to my list to read. Also- I love that your hair was fancy for the party ;) College days...sigh...

Chris said...

I read some reviews, and not surprising to me (or you probably), it sounds like something I will put into my rotation. I still say that someday we'll see you amongst an author list. How is the ankle?

tracy said...

Oh, that PARTY. what a day.

Congrats to Jen! can't wait to read it.