Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More Odds and Ends (mostly about the USPS)

I stayed up waaaay too late Monday night getting the following assortment of packages ready to be mailed:

Some of them are more difficult to distinguish than others so I will tell you that there were seven different items there, as well as some letters that were already prepped for mailing that came along for the ride. This means that some of you might be getting mail from me this week - bet you wish you knew who you were...

In what can only be described as a post office miracle I walked into our local branch at 9 a.m. the first business day after a holiday weekend and there was, wait for it, no line! I don't know what your post office experiences are like but there is usually a line ten or so deep at this particular branch and I generally do anything I can to avoid it on a Monday or a day after a long weekend. I was stunned. So stunned that when two older ladies came in behind me to buy stamps I graciously waved them ahead - how annoyed would you be if you just needed a couple of stamps and got in line behind the woman with seven packages to mail? Annoyed. 

Then I had a nice chat with the post office lady about upcoming stamp issues. That is not a joke. In other words, I am a dork. I had some of the new "love" stamps which I had preorded online (again, dork) but they didn't have in our local post office yet. She saw some on my envelopes and we spent several (dorky) moments going on about how gorgeous they are. Yes, I am a person who cares what my stamps look like. I should probably stop talking about the post office now.


I'd like to say we've been doing lots of park picnics as seen in the photo above, (Gee, kids are so attractive with their mouths full of food!), but that would be a big lie. I know the weather has been sort of universally horrendous lately but last night our local weather person informed me that we'd had rain 23 out of the first 30 days of this month - no wonder everyone feels like they are going a little insane. This also explains why yard/electrical work we've been waiting on for weeks and weeks is happening today, effectively ruining my last "child free" morning of the school year. I also invited a friend home with Harper for the afternoon, not knowing that we'd likely be without power for a good chunk of time. Guess the windowless basement playroom is out... Harper has not taken very well to the heat so the afternoon with no air conditioning should be great fun. (Yes, we have our air on - it was in the 90s here yesterday and the day before.)


About once a week for the past couple weeks we've been fortunate enough to help some friends out by babysitting their adorable baby one afternoon/week. Harper officially wants to adopt him (we said no) and Michael asks nearly every morning if he is coming that day. The last time he was here the kids entertained him with bubbles until Michael accidentally smacked the baby with the bubble wand in a fit of exuberance. Fortunately no babies or children were harmed in the bubble activity or picture taking thereof.

Who knew bubble blowing could look so gangsta'?

Or so suspicious? Do those two have a secret?


Tomorrow is the last day of school in these parts and I'm equally anticipating/dreading the summer. Some sort of massive parenting fail (on my part) is at play in our household because my children will not stop fighting unless maybe they are asleep. I am a little concerned that their fighting is going to hamper our ability to do anything fun this summer. I will keep you posted.


Speaking of school's end - these last two weeks have seriously kicked my butt. A small part of it is the re-spraining of the ankle which slowed me down considerably last week. I swear every time I turn around there is something else that needs to be done re: the end of the school year. Most of it is stuff I'm perfectly happy to do, even enjoy doing but not a) when it crops up with no notice or b) when 37 things crop up at once. Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed with the school wind-down this year?
And if you haven't shared already, how do you plan to pass the (endless, endless) free time this summer?


Jill said...

we're planning on attending vacation bible school, 2 different sets of library events, and begging my hubby to work on my daughter's room to get ready for baby. I will then get ready for baby. our time is running out, but I'm at the point where i'm 'waiting' and that's about it. once july hits, i'll start putting extra food in the freezer and so on, but for right now, it's wait, wait, wait.

oh and a girls day later this month! so excited! get to see some of my college friends!

bluedaisy said...

1. I also love stamps...and received a card with the new love stamp- I love it too!

2. AC on as of last week due more to allergies than heat but this week, the heat is nuts! Tomorrow should provide some much-needed relief. I am not excited to have turned the AC on before June :(

3. We are done with preschool and I am feeling a bit unprepared with how to spend our time. Swim lessons for a couple more weeks, we joined the local Y pool, VBS at the end of this month. Other than that, I got nothin'. Need to get myself in gear ASAP! The boys have been a real handful lately and I need to get a schedule in place to maintain everyone's sanity ;)

I am hoping that your ankle heals up and STAYS that way for a while.

CARRIE said...

N is the queen of letter your H and to her cousins and friends. I would go purchase pretty stamps at the p.o. if the lines weren't endless, so I end up buying the ugly ones from Kroger. I am seriously going to start charging N for the cost of stamps.

Your parenting fail is mine too. N and G fight about everything...even about who is meaner. One day when I had completely HAD IT, I locked them both in their shared bedroom and told them to kill each other. They started crying and begged to be let out. They stopped fighting...for about 10 minutes.

I was hoping I could great ingenious ideas about things to do from you and Giselle. Don't look to me for good ideas. I got none.

Swistle said...

I lovvvvvve new stamps, and I wish our postal clerks were more excited about them! Every so often I'll have a brief and happy exchange with one of them ("Oh, you have the new king and queen stamps!"), but mostly they're much less excited than I think I'D be if _I_ were a postal clerk.

I've signed the kids up for swimming lessons pretty much every day the entire summer. I'll kind of hate myself for it when I'm trudging up the lonnnnnng path to the pool in 95 degree heat---but I'll also be glad, because then we do something summery every day automatically and anything else is a bonus.