Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Might Be Open for Business

Harper has turned her room into an office. She piled some throw pillows and blankets on her bed, sits there with her lap desk, and "works". Last night she slept on her floor so her bed could be her new couch (since the couch is a desk). Tonight, thankfully, she moved back to sleeping in the bed.

As all good offices should, Harper's office has signs* on the door:

If you click on that photo above, you can probably read some of the signs, but just in case you are having trouble doing so, here is a closer look at my favorite:

I'll translate, just in case your kindergarten spelling is rusty, "Yell in room before entering if no yell back I am not in."

There you go.

*Tonight, before bed, Harper added a not-originally-pictured sign. It says, "sleepping". I imagine she'll take that one down in the morning.


Heather said...

I might need her to make some signs for my "office." I love how creative she is.

Emily said...

That is perfectly hilarious and sweet. She IS good at entertaining herself.

Thinking about you today. :)

CARRIE said...

LOVE IT!!!! Kids kill me. They kill me!!!

bluedaisy said...

a future lawyer? or university professor? this is great stuff :)

Sarah said...

I think I would like such a sign on say the bathroom door. If I don't respond to your yelling, I am not available. Please go away and try later.

Virginia Llorca said...

This shows a beautiful mind. What a wonderful child! Good work.

tracy said...

This is HILARIOUS! I love love love it. It is the kind of thing I can see Ruth doing in a few years -- with Harper as her inspiration, of course!

Love you. My grant goes in on Thursday. Will call you after that!