Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Let's ignore the fact that I haven't posted in 9 days and just jump back in, shall we?


Six-year-old's spelling question, "Are there two t's in 'water'?"

Three- year-old's spelling question, "Does m start with car, Mom?"


We got home from the school run at lunch time yesterday, I opened the basement gate to go and move some laundry and inadvertently shut the dog in the basement. Then he pooped. To say it has been wet here lately would be an understatement.  And I guess we've done too much running the dog out on the leash and not enough giving him time loose in the back yard. So poop in the house? Totally our fault. Still I was not particularly thrilled with adding "cleaning dog-soiled carpet" to my to-do list.


This time of year means resumes and cover letters and then wondering if the ringing phone means an interview and if the interview means a job. Not my favorite cycle - especially since so many interviews in the last three or four years have NOT turned into jobs. But here's the thing - I'm ambivalent about whether or not I actually find a job for next year... The type of job I want does not come open very often and is highly competitive, at least in our area. So if I EVER want to go back to working outside the home (I do) I pretty much need to apply for any available positions. Last year there were two positions open in a district I would have loved to work in - I had a couple of interviews and was really excited about the possible jobs which didn't end up being offered to me. I'm trying not to think too much about the possibility of a job and how that would change things for our family (in ways good and bad). I'm trying to let things happen as they should. Still, I'm finding it difficult not to obsess - an especially bad habit as the schools may not even begin conducting interviews until summer break.


We're having chicken casserole for dinner tonight - you?


Jill said...

Good luck. I understand what you mean. I had an offer sometime last year, but it really didn't fit with our life/style so I turned it down. It was totally out of the blue- and probably something I would have done in 10 years, but now, it just doesn't fit. So.. yeah. We had grilled teriyaki pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and gravy and some garlic bread. Pretty heavy food, but good!

Chris said...

I'm in the same boat, Kelsey! They keep posting full-time positions, and I keep 'not applying' since I am not ready. Or maybe it is guilt for not being there for Melina the way I was for the others. Then, I think, when I am ready, will there be an opening? I am letting the chips fall where they may right now because for me (and this doesn't go for everyone) I need to be at home most of the time. I can see it.

We had spinach rice casserol, sausage (for the kids) and random veggies :)

CARRIE said...

Loved the spelling/age comparisons!

Have no clue what's for dinner.

Ugh. I hate the idea of getting back into the teaching market because of all that waiting. I would be pissed if I got hired like 2 days before school starts. They want teachers to be prepared and "on their game," and then give them 20 minutes to get their stuff together.

Good luck!!!

bluedaisy said...

The job stuff--it's just not easy, no matter what. I have an interview on Monday for a job outside of my field and I feel "meh" about it. But the income would be a blessing, so I'm going to do my best! I prematurely obsess too but I kind of have to get it out of my system. I hope something works out for you!! Since I am a day late, I will tell you we had grilled cheese, applesauce and carrots for dinner on Wednesday because I failed to make the meatballs to go with the pasta that we had tonight (Thursday). Share that casserole recipe if you want- I always need something new :)