Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snapshots of Busy Days

Harper is enjoying her role as resident cookie helper...

Mostly because it means she gets to be chief leftover frosting eater.

For her birthday next year she is wondering if I couldn't just put her candles into a big bowl of frosting and forget the cake.


Michael got his first big boy haircut. I did give him one home haircut in August, which was so questionable I'm pretty sure we skipped the before and after pictures here at Midwest Mom.

He was uncertain at first but a lollipop helped. (Oh my gosh, there were rivers of watermelon drool running down that cape!)


Aaaaaand we went to see Santa!

Michael sat on his lap for approximately 1.2 seconds. Harper stayed a little longer and actually spoke in multiple complete sentences. I wonder if we have one or two more years before we're finished with the screaming Santa pictures?

Oh, and I think I got a job? Details later this week, or in the new year!


Pam said...

Great pictures! I had a similar Santa photo again this year. Makes them more interesting I think.
Merry Christmas to you and good luck with the new job! XXX

CARRIE said...

He is ready to make a mad dash off Santa's lap, isn't he?
Can't wait to hear about the job!
And I love those reindeer cookies. Cute!