Monday, December 14, 2009

Legitimate Reasons

Okay, so, I'm not necessarily feeling all pre-Christmas cranky - not quite. BUT if I were in a bah-humbug sort of mood these would be legitimate reasons:

1) So much unpacking/sorting/putting away to do! The bad thing about going away for nine days in DECEMBER is that you miss out on some of that Christmas prep time. Our shopping is pretty much done, but I haven't had any time to, say, read a book by Christmas tree light. And at this rate I'll maybe get to do that January 5. Note to future self: Disney World is pretty all done-up for the holidays, but maybe don't travel in December again.

2) The week before we left we had a fraud issue with the main credit card we use. The card had to be canceled. This was not a HUGE problem, but was annoying, especially the week before vacation. Fortunately Matt and I both have back up cards - he has a card from our grocery store and I still have the card I got when I was a senior in college. I mostly use it for times when I'm buying Matt a gift and I don't want him to see the charge. However, with our other cards temporarily out of commission, I've used it more in the last two weeks. Today I got a phone call that someone had been using that credit card number! TWO different cards in a matter of two weeks, seriously??? Of course Matt now thinks it's my fault that both numbers were stolen! I think I was a little sassy with the lady who called to report the fraud on my card because I just couldn't believe it was happening. Crazy!

3) I have to make an allergy free cupcake for Harper because one of the parents in her class insists on bringing cupcakes as a birthday treat on Wednesday - not such a big deal, but then I also have to bake cookies for their holiday party on Thursday so she'll have something safe to eat. I don't really mind the baking, but normally I'd do it over a weekend (which I don't have!). Of course Harper wants frosted cookies for the holiday treats, which I normally avoid because they are a giant PIMA. I finally decided to make the reindeer cookies we've done in the past - they are easier than cut-outs. Unfortunately the store did not have cinnamon candies or holiday colored Kissables to use for the noses - the best we could come up with was using red Skittles. I suppose it will be fine, but that's not really a complimentary taste, is it?

4) Michael has developed a troubling sounding grunt/cough that will hopefully get some attention at the doctor tomorrow - I'll have to call in the morning to try to get an appointment. It is exactly how he sounded the entire car-ride up to Wisconsin last December, when we ended up taking him to the ER. At least I can be thankful it's happening now and not next week.

I fully realize that none of these things are even remotely tragic but they are getting in the way of the pre-Christmas high I prefer to maintain this time of year.

I will leave you with one non-crabby thing: Semi-Desperate Housewife won the music giveaway! Hooray! Hopefully we'll get in touch before the end of the week and I can get a fun CD off to her just in time for Christmas.


Lil Mouse said...

Tell your hubby to do the sorting and unpacking so you can do the cookies!

Glad you guys had a good time!

Giselle said...

Sounds stressful...

And what is UP with the lack of traditional Chrismas cookie decorations. I've looked in 2 different grocery store chains AND Target, and failed to find gumdrops (that weren't the size of Michael's fist), cinnamon thingies, or any type of sprinkle other than plain green or plain red. We just did cookies yesterday because I gave up...but I missed the variety.

Good luck getting it all together. At least you are staying home for Christmas, so you don't have to re-pack, right?

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back and had a good trip!
I have not been able to find Kissables ANYWHERE around here!! Have they been disc? I sure hope not. Let me know if you see them anywhere!


desperate housewife said...

Squee! I was just bemoaning my lack of decent Christmas music yet again last night, after listening to the same CD for about the tenth time this month! Yippee skippee.
Oh, my email is

tracy said...

Oh Kels! Sounds rough, especially the credit card thing. Seth's truck got broken into the Fiday before Thanksgiving, and the guy used our card before we could cancel it (which we did almost immediately), and so we've been dealing with all of that fraud stuff as well, and it is a PAIN. I feel for you, truly.

Sorry I missed your return call this AM -- am going to try and reach you later today/tomorrow. Miss you!!