Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas = Success!

Someday I will again post something besides a series of photos...

Our Christmas celebrations have been one rousing success after another. I was pleasantly surprised by how pleased Harper was with even her small and not-initially-fun-looking gifts. She did as much delighted shrieking as talking on Christmas Day.

Michael didn't know what to think of all the presents under the tree, but he caught on quickly once we started opening. He was such a trooper, even without a nap! Compared to last year, when Harper was sick and Michael was so little, this Christmas was both easier and more fun.

The children even slept until 7:30 Christmas morning, which was the best gift they could have given us. (Especially considering Harper was up at 5 a.m. on Christmas Eve.)

The above picture was not posed at all, Harper was really that taken with the Strawberry Shortcake Cafe Santa brought for her.

Michael's favorite gift was a new copy of Goodnight Moon. Our original copy was literally loved to pieces (over the last five years) and finally bit the dust a few weeks ago. He was thrilled to get a new one and showed no interest in any more presents for a good twenty minutes after opening the book.

What is the word for a large group of princesses? A parade? A pack? A party? Whatever it is, Harper now has one!

Hope you all had happy and safe holiday celebrations. Tomorrow we head north, through the snow, to Wisconsin, where we will celebrate Christmas (again!) and my dad's birthday before returning to face 2010.


Jen said...

So glad to see that your family had such a nice Christmas. Ellie got the same Strawberry Shortcake Cafe. She likes it so much she won't even let me play with it!

CARRIE said...

Love the one of Harper staring at her toy! And so glad Michael is going to be the kind of boy who loves his books!

MamaK said...

wow- is Michael really getting as tall as he looks in these photos? There's a growing boy! And Harper's smile is THE best I've seen ;) safe travels!

Michelle said...

Found your blog on NaBloPoMo. Sounds like your family had a wonderful Christmas. Children make the season so magical. Best wishes for an amazing 2010.