Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Honestly, Couldn't Say it Better

My friend Erin is a truly gifted writer. I am envious of her talent, more than I care to admit, but even my envy cannot keep me from directing you here - if, that is, you haven't already seen it for yourself. You're welcome.

Sometimes, dear friend, I think you are doing the wrong job! (Although of course not, because yours suits you so perfectly and often, I believe, provides inspiration...)


Erin said...

You know what's so cool about blogging? Sometimes you write something and think, "Hmmm. Did that make ANY sense?" And you put it out there, because it made sense to you, and because it meant something to you. And you get a very cool response from people that matter.

Thanks for your sweet words. You know it means a lot to me.

CARRIE said...

Her writing in that post was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

one of her lines reminds me of a cross the my sister gave max for his baptism and it has an engraving that says, "God danced the day you were born."

I just love that!