Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Lately it feels like my wheels are spinning and I'm behind on everything. Scientists really need to get cracking on ways to get more hours into the day, or at least ways to slow the passing of time while children are sleeping. Mmmkay?

Here's a hilarious bath picture of Michael - we don't really have much of a photo editing program, so the best I could manage was to put an asterisk over his delicate parts, but I HAD to find a way to share. I guess he's outgrowing the infant tub, we really need to find him a bath seat, we just haven't yet. He is nowhere near sturdy enough when sitting to put him in the tub unassisted - it would be like begging for stitches.

We think he's working on his own version of Pilates (Babylates? Tublates?) - instructional DVD and late night infomercial to follow.

And here's Michael's ten month shot... it doesn't look terribly different from the nine month one, but we're on a roll here, so I am presenting it anyway.

The picture was taken only a day late, on January 10th.

Recently I'd been doing a little fretting about Michael's speech. Did you know there was speech therapy for babies? There is. About ten days ago he really wasn't babbling at all and I started to feel like we were seeing a delay, even for his adjusted age. I had literally made myself a note to call our care coordinator and ask her about it when he started to babble like crazy. Now he'll talk to anything, although he seems to most enjoy conversing with his own reflection.

He's been making mamama sounds, as well as buh and puh sounds, grunting, and doing something that sounds like he's trying to imitate a motor. The BEST part about it is that Harper keeps insisting he's said actual words. I'll give her "mama" although he has no idea that it means anything yet.

Today they were playing on the floor of the living room and she came running into the kitchen to tell me, "Mom! Michael just said the words to get a rabbit out of a magic hat!"

When I looked at her blankly, she elaborated, "Mo-om, he said abracadabra!"

Kids are fun.


Emily said...

Oh, that bath picture is hilarious!! Pilates indeed.

And I like your new profile pic. I literally was just thinking yesterday, "I wonder if Kelsey ever thinks about changing her profile pic so Michael is in it?" Funny.

Giselle said...

Oh! He is so cute! Thank you for the Michael stories.

When I was finished with our baby tub (I hated the thing, so we finished with it WAY before he was too big for it), I bought a $3 baby shaped sponge at Babies R Us...actually I think it is bear shaped...but you put it in the big bath tub with a few inches of water. It works really well at keeping them from rolling into the water, it is cheap, easy to store...I highly recommend it. It lasted really well, although I bought a new one for each child (aren't I the big spender?). Just thought I'd mention it.

Katie said...

Hi Kelsey! What cute pics of Michael, he has the best smile.
For a "next step" bath I would also recommend the blow-up duck bath that I got at Target ($7 I think). It is inflatable and fits inside the tub, worked great for us. If they tip over then they just bump the soft sides of the duck, not the tub itself. Plus it quacks, what could be better?

Astarte said...

That inflatable tub thing sounds good - the hard plastic ones always seemed to end up jamming them in their privates.

I would vote for longer late-evenings, like from 8-10. Patrick is out of my hair, and I read to Josie, and then it's all me, baby. Perfect. Oh, and I'd like longer mornings, too, please, since I'm alone then!

ValleyGrrrl said...

He is SO darn cute! Love those bathtub shots - my son will really appreciate them when he's 16 or so. HEH HEH.

Anyway - when my children outgrew the infant tub we started using this one:

It's adjustable - so that when they are at a good sitting age you can use the little blue piece to make a...I don't know, it looks like a high chair - you put their legs through it and the bar helps support them. The only complaint I have with it is that if you don't make sure the center snaps when you extend it - the water just pours out the bottom. Only takes once to learn that though. HAH.

Drama Queen said...

I too had the blow up ducky tub, but found that with 2 kids in the tub, it took up a lot of space. Instead, I bought this,

Good luck. Your kids are too darn cute!

Liz said...

he is so cute! :) go to target or kmart or toysrus and get a bath sling - they are about $4, are mesh slings on a frame and are fabulous. it keeps them lounged back, they don't slide off, and the slings dry so fast so nothing stinks or stays wet. low maintenence - i'm all about it. :)

Pam said...

That bath picture is hilarious!!! Good thinking on your part.

Anonymous said...

My sister's specialty is birth to 3 if you ever want to give her a call...speech pathology in case i needed to clear that up. i worried about Ben too but she told me that as long as he starts making sounds thats ok and they only really worry if they can't say three words by 18 months. so you've got a ways to go. let me know if you ever want to talk to her though.

CARRIE said...

That bath pic is hilarious. He has that look like you taking the shot was interrupting some very important private baby stuff.

samantha jo campen said...

Those pictures are fabulous! He's getting so big--can you believe our boys are almost a YEAR OLD OMG?!?!?