Saturday, January 03, 2009

In Which 2009 Already Surprises Me

We made it back from Wisconsin in only seven hours, this is unheard of when traveling with small children. It was the perfect anti-storm of sleeping children, cooperative bladders, light traffic, dry weather, and vacant construction zones.


Michael was excited to see his room, he got all smiley and wiggly when I carried him in there to change his diaper.


Harper said, "This was such a good day."

"Driving in the car all day?" I puzzled.

"Well we got home safely Mom!"

Good point.


Matt went to pick up the dog, the dog entered, Michael cried. Michael apparently forgot Rebound and/or is now afraid of him.



Maggie May said...

librarian is one of my dream jobs!
i'm a writer:)
nice to find you,

Chris said...

Kids are funny, eh?

Glad you made it back safely and in record time!

Laura said...

7 hours is record time?! Whew... Thanks for reminding me not to complain about having to travel 3 hours to visit our family!

I'm glad to hear that you had a safe and uneventful trip home and that you enjoyed time with your family!

Here's to wishing you health and happiness for you and your family in 2009!

MamaK said...

"the perfect anti-storm"

I love it! And I've been trying to visualize what an anti-storm looks like. A hurricane eye? A beach sunset? A calm river?

Whatever it is or isn't, glad your travels went well and you have Harper to point it out :) Here's to '09 being full of happy, wiggly kids!

Pam said...

Love your new profile picture!!!

Astarte said...

What a nut. Kids always do the craziest things!!!

That is some amazing time, my friend. Holy cow!