Thursday, January 29, 2009


So yesterday (I think it was yesterday) I found out that Wondertime magazine is going to be discontinued next month -whaaaa! It is my favorite magazine, the most tolerable parenting magazine, and that - of all things - made me cry. I have another two years of subscription left, so I wonder what they're going to do about that? I also feel like a shmuck because I sent gift subscriptions to approximately a dozen friends in the last year and I wonder what will happen to their subscriptions - nice gift! I have had no luck figuring out where to go to protest this decision (Maybe I should make a Facebook group!), if any of you have info on this, please let me know! And my apologies to those of you who recieved Wondertime as a gift from me. Boo.

This reminds me of when Rosie's magazine got cancelled and I ended up with another two years of Redbook (I think) instead. No offense to Redbook but it was not the same.

Anyway I have found one thing to be nearly fail-proof at cheering me up so I thought I would share:

Michael is smiley 98% of the time, but it can be very difficult to get him to laugh, which makes the video even more precious. Hope you could hear it over the dog barking...


Emily said...

So cute!!! In his matching outfit. :)

And I just used frequent flyer points to order Wondertime because of your recommendation! I'm bummed that I won't get to check it out! (and curious what other magazine they'll stick us with?)

Laura said...

Put me on your facebook group too! Since your recommendation, I got the subscription too. It is such a great and unique magazine that leaves me wondering what went wrong for them to discontinue it.

OH! And seriously, that drooly giggle can put a smile on anyone's face! The sweetness! I'm glad you captured the moment!

Giselle said...

Oh, those baby giggles. But, seriously, what is wrong with your dog? He doesn't bark like that all the time, does he? Or does he just hate Elmo? If the latter...I can totally understand the barking.

-sigh- Wondertime. Just the latest casualty in truly enjoyable magazines. I LOVED Biography magazine...and just stopped. I didn't CRY, per se, but it has been almost 7 years since they cancelled it and I still look for it when I'm at a book store. Just in case. Perhaps they'll send us their sister magazine, Family Fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this magazine too.

Swistle said...

I had a Rosie subscription, too, and what I did was I wrote and said I didn't want the replacement magazine, and they sent me a refund check for my remaining subscription. And furthermore, since people subscribe through all different deals and they didn't know who'd subscribed through what, they refunded at the highest subscription price---which was nowhere NEAR what I'd paid.

Jill said...

Michael is SO cute! And Harper is just as cute for getting him to laugh like that!
I think I am as bummed as you are or maybe even more so about Wondertime. I have found that magazine to be wonderful and pertinent to parenting life. I know they offer pretty cheap subscription rates but I can't believe they don't have enough of us followers?? Maybe they are going to just do the online version?? (PLEASE tell me yes!!)

Erin said...

Oh, he is precious. LOVE THAT AGE.

And I'm sad about Wondertime too. I got my whole year's worth of subscription that you gave me as a gift, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Boo.

Astarte said...

I suppose this is yet another sign of intelligent things going down the tubes, while fast-food parenting magazines cruise along with their usual boring fare. Yuck.

He is Adorable!