Friday, January 16, 2009

Wandering Blogger

In a very strange turn of events, I am sitting in a BW3s, blogging from a crowded sports bar at 10:30 on a Friday night.

Instead of jazz music and a cup of coffee, I've got basketball on TV (too bad there's no NFL on Friday nights), music of which I can only hear the bass, and a Bug Light - whatever works!

Around 1 this afternoon our TV, internet connection, and phone just died. The phone will likely be reconnected by tomorrow (Saturday) night, but the internet and television will probably be out of service until MONDAY!!!! It has become a reflex to go to the computer whenever the children are safely occupied, especially during naps or after bedtime, and I felt like a lost sheep today. My tether to the outside world has been severed! To make matters worse, Matt is running a basketball tournament this week and is pretty much gone until Sunday afternoon, making it near impossible for me to leave the house with his laptop and check in during normal business hours (hence the 10:30 sports bar visit!).

Some people close to us have been burdened with truly tragic events lately, so I am at least able to recognize that our lack of connectivity is really just an inconvenience, but that doesn't mean that I like it.

So if you need to get in touch with us in the next couple of days and our phone isn't working - just give the cell phones a try.

Oh! I almost forgot the strangest part! Earlier today, when our phone wasn't working, people who tried to call our number got through to a different residence. So some poor woman was getting our phone calls all afternoon! I finally called from my cell phone and gave her that number, in case she wanted to pass it along to anyone who called, so they could stop calling her! Can you imagine? SHE called the phone company to clear up the problem and our phone worked for about an hour before going dead again. Hopefully someone else isn't getting our calls now.

I wish you all weekends of warmth and strong internet connections!


Erin said...

Wow, that is SO WEIRD about your calls being forwarded to a STRANGER.

Also, I just sent you an email asking how on earth you were emailing without internet? Are you MAGIC? But you can kindly ignore that email now. Glad BW3s could pull through for you.

Chris said...

Yikes. Sorry to hear of the inconvenience, and I bet that lady was glad to hear from you! Was it just too cold for the lines?!?

Emily said...

I had an almost identical post recently when my internet and cable were down for the day - I felt completely lost. It's funny how dependent we've become on it, isn't it?

Astarte said...

Crap! I just read this, a few days later, and I hope that the reason you haven't posted since then isn't that it's all still screwed up!

Lil Mouse said...

what is a BW3? am I missing something..? also..
Please update your link if you have one to my new site. I got tired of doing two sites. I also need more hits to make sure I can continue blogging for spare bits of cash now and then, and I need the links for that, so.... if you please...