Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dedication Explanation

This might be one of those stories that was more funny when it happened than funny in the retelling. . . but I have to share to explain the dedication below.

The past several holidays we've spent the week after Christmas at my parents' house in Wisconsin. It has become a loose tradition to play games together on New Year's Eve. This year we played my brother's new Trivial Pursuit game (the 25th anniversary edition) and then we played Taboo.

If you've never played Taboo, the object is to get your team to say a word, which is on a card along with words you cannot use while talking to your team. So the word might be Christmas and you would have to get your team to say it without using words like Santa, holiday, December, stocking, tree, etc. You "give" as many words as you can during the allotted time and then play moves to the next team. It's a fun game, often made more fun when people are giddy from staying up late (like trying to make it to midnight) or have perhaps sampled some holiday "spirits".

We were well into the game when my dad, who was giving clues to my mom, had to get her to say the word "teapot". So he sang, "I'm a little. . ." and my mom confidently yelled, "Teacup!" We all dissolved into near hysterical laughter at my mom's mistake and it only got worse as my dad kept singing the song and my mom kept saying "teacup." By the end of it my mom was quite literally rolling on the floor laughing.

I know it was probably one of those, "You had to be there" moments. But without sharing that little story, you wouldn't understand why I laughed so much when Harper came home from school today, singing this song:


Erin said...

They are both SO adorable, I can hardly stand it.

I showed Calum this little video here:


And he thinks it's HYSTERICAL to sing it this way, as a sugarbowl.

Chris said...

You had me laughing, and Aaron just said, "Again!" so I know he approves. Melina is in her bed, but I know she'd smile at the sight of Michael again :)

Astarte said...

HA! Oh, she is so cute and clever!!! I love when people post videos.

Hillary or Ryan said...

I love it! Too funny....and I'm pretty sure that Michael winked at the camera. :)

Kristin said...

I have to bet that Mike was not nearly as cute when he sang!!!

Laura said...

I think that your story about the "teaCUP" was hysterical! You did an excellent job of retelling. Harper is a lovely singer, what a doll! And do you really have the happiest baby boy ever? I think he just likes to flash those sweet dimples on his cutie face!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious and I wasn't even awake for it!!! I am sure mom will love it.

Cindy said...

Kels, love the story AND of course the video. (more videos please!)
Can just imagine the scene of holiday taboo - was laughing to envision it. Let's not forget that you yourself have had some classic Taboo moments as well... love

PS I especially like how your video clips of Harper have a shot of Michael in them, where he is totally relaxed and smiling. I am always surprised when he comes into the frame - don't know why - and am glad you get his role in there, too!