Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Human brains are funny... I was walking from the dining room into the kitchen and I had to duck under something that was hanging from the ceiling. It was after I had sort of reflexively ducked that my brain got as far as thinking there shouldn't BE something hanging from the ceiling.

It was a spider - whee! (At least it wasn't a mouse. I've been given the gift of perspective.)


Our Christmas shopping is about 98% finished. I am good at shopping ahead, but it always lures me into a false sense of feeling prepared for the holidays when there is really a lot left to do (baking, wrapping, etc.).


Our elf is hanging out with the nativity figures tonight. It kind of looks like he's holding the shepherd hostage.


The new nativity set is  HUGE hit. Michael calls it the stable and played with it every free moment of his day.


Twins in Michael's class at school had a birthday today. I was supposed to send in a treat for him because they were bringing in doughnuts that weren't guaranteed to be nut free. This would have been no problem, except that I TOTALLY FORGOT. Good thing he can be fairly easy going. One of his teachers just gave him a safe snack they had and he was fine with it.

It is official: If I don't have something in writing I will completely and totally forget about it.


Chris said...

I used to have pride in the fact that I would remember EVERYTHING, even if it wasn't written down. Now, I am like you. So, you are not alone!

Pam said...

Everyone I talk to is equally forgetful these days so we are in good company!

HipChick73 said...

The real question is this: did you remember what you got up and went into the kitchen for - before you ducked to avoid the spider? Fabulous reflexes, but remembering why you got up AND avoiding the spider? Well, you'd clearly be awesome.

CARRIE said...

I lol'd about your perspective comment!