Friday, December 02, 2011

Harper's Disney Trip (Yes,Three Months Later)

I thought it would be fun to have Harper tell me about these pictures from her experiences at Disney World in September. Based on the less than enthusiastic nature of her narrative/responses*, I think I should have asked for her commentary a couple of months ago. Enjoy?

That is my brother's favorite ride. And it's my second favorite ride. I like to get squirted with water because the camel squirts water.

I got to help in The Festival of the Lion King. I got to go around the room with shakers. That's me in the orange shirt.

I met Jessie and Woody at the same time. I liked Woody the best.

(No comment on this picture...)

I met Mary Poppins. I did not meet her when I turned five and went to Disney. She is one of my favorite Disney characters.

I loved LOVED the golden coins that fell down at the end of the Disney Junior show.

This was our last day in Disney World. I met Tiana, the princess. That was our very last character. 

The end.

*When I taught first grade I thought I would go insane from reading so many sentences that began with, "I like..." Dear Lord - that was always a goal of mine for the year, to get children to learn how to write sentences/stories that didn't begin with the dreaded, "I like."

Harper didn't start too many of these sentences that way, but still, the responses would have been more interesting a little closer to our trip.


Emily said...

Cute idea, Kels!

That's the first time I've seen a (breathing) Tiana - she's exquisite!

tracy said...

I loved it nonetheless.

And I also loved that November is over but you've still managed to post every day in December! (ok, so it's only been two so far, but it's awesome -- I hope you keep it up! I love reading!)

CARRIE said...

Makes me miss DisneyWorld.