Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Holiday Assortment

Fun with the Nativity!

Bet you didn't know that Princess Tiana bunked down with Baby Jesus! Please note that the Wise Men actually brought flowers and other purple plastic objects. Purple plastic was rare and valuable in those days. 

Also, Mary and Aurora were BFFs which is why Mary is sporting Aurora's crown. With those kind of princess connections, you'd think they might have found a better place to sleep than a stable. Where are the good fairies when you need them?


I'm not sure what the excitement is, but Michael keeps asking if he can watch me wrap gifts. I think he's just interested in what the gifts are. He keeps asking, "Can I watch you wrap them up? Are you going to wrap some up now?"

He was very disappointed when he realized I wasn't going to show him all of Harper's gifts. I only showed him two, and let him choose one as his gift to her.


I think I've mentioned before that Michael is a sensitive boy and can get emotional about movies we watch (I might have scarred him for life with An American Tail). So far about 50% of our Christmas shows have made him cry. The original Frosty the Snowman was the most traumatic.

He also gets upset when we sing,"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Every single time he asks, "WHY won't they let him play?"


I always buy nice wrapping paper but I am a decidedly unfussy gift packager. I don't even bother with ribbon and/or bows most of the time and I've started to feel guilty about the boxes we use for gifts. There will be a nice gift, and nice paper, but in between - when receiving a gift from us - you are likely to face either a) a Circo brand shoe box or b) a Market Day chicken steaks box. Classy. What can I say? They are good sizes and I have an abundance of them. Still, I'm trying to use slightly fewer of those (I'll save them for mailing you things!) and go the more traditional shirt box route.

If you expect to receive a gift from us this year, just know that you should unwrap the box and open it or you'll have no idea what you're really getting. I also have a lot of American Girl boxes in the basement. I'd hate for you to think you were getting some accessories for Molly or Kit and be disappointed with an iTunes gift card...


In a final, and random, note. I had a big spike in blog traffic today. Apparently someone found the Christmas craft we did last year and linked to it. If anyone clicks around on this blog looking for more craft ideas, wow, are they going to be disappointed!


Heather said...

I LOVE this post! Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

Jill said...

you could always wrap the top and bottom of the box separately and then just wrap ribbon around it to secure it shut. then they wont even see the box 'underneath'...

Meaghan said...

Michael is just such a sweet heart. I cannot wait to see the little darlings.

MamaK said...

"why won't them let him play" has got to be the BEST holiday quote ever. and this is coming from a house where the toddler insists that "ME and Jesus" are the light of the world...

tracy said...

Too bad we don't have any mini-princesses ... Ruth would be all over the whole princesses + nativity combo!

How do you do presents -- do the kids get gifts from you guys & from Santa? Just curious, since you mentioned that Michael saw you wrapping some of Harper's gifts.

Michael's question re: Rudolph is so precious. And notably different from Martha, who always just wants to know, "what ARE reindeer games?" (And then giggles furiously as she suggests games reindeer might play.)

CARRIE said...

What a sweetie. There needs to be more people in the world like him....the kind who fret about Rudolph.