Saturday, December 03, 2011

Music! Music! Music!

Ack! It's December 3rd and I still haven't started the Christmas music giveaway. Oops.

Just in case any of you are still doing the old fashioned thing and actually listening to CDs I am going to give away a custom music mix again this year. You can only enter once, but I'll make one CD for every dozen comments. If 24 people comment, then I'll give away 2 CDs, 36 = 3 CDs, etc.

So spread the word! Share the love! Enter, enter, enter.

I will make the winner(s) a holiday music mix based on answers to a few simple questions.

I suppose this is also contingent upon the main computer not completely melting down...

I'm going to be quick this year, you have until Thursday, December 8th, to enter. I'll make midnight, Ohio time (Eastern), the cutoff.

Any comment will do, but if you can't think of anything maybe tell me what your favorite holiday tradition is.

Some of my Christmas music collection... just waiting to be a perfect CD for you!


Swistle said...

My favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas-light-viewing drive right before we put the kids to bed and open presents. The kids are all pajama'd and sleepy and excitemented-out (they open their gifts earlier in the day), and the car is all warm, and I switch between a few different radio stations playing Christmas music as Paul says "Wait. Have we already been down this road? I think that's the same giant snowglobe."

Jill said...

reading the Christmas story and night before Christmas to my (now) girls before bed on Christmas eve!

Christy said...

My son is 2, so I'm still trying to find a tradition. I think my favorite is reading the Night Before Christmas pop-up book that my Mom used to read to my sister and I every Chriatmas Eve. It's a little worse for wear, but it's been read every year for almost 35 years now!

Gretch said...

My favorite is our new shelf elf. The kids are so excited to try and find him every morning.

Giselle said...

Hey, CD's are old-fashioned...I still have a cassette player in my kitchen! How's THAT for old-fashioned. ;)

I think my favorite is putting the ornaments on the tree. We have a big on-going joke about what ornaments should be in the back of the tree (Jeff's). He does a good job protesting in a funny way, and the kids are just generally happy and goofy about it.

tracy said...

Ooooh I hope I win!

Sometime before Christmas (we did it early this year, just this past Friday), we eat dinner early, get the kids in their pajamas, and drive around looking at Christmas lights. The best part about it is that we stop at Ted Drewes for malts, which we eat in the car while viewing lights. This year, on one of the main streets (where nearly every house is decorated), Santa was passing out candy canes -- the girls nearly lost their minds.

Also, there are few things I love more than Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Mass. It is so beautiful and joyful. Plus the girls love getting to sing Christmas songs in church!

Jenny (Bring A. Torch) said...

Hubby and I watch the Lord of the Rings movies every December. Other than me going nuts trying to bake one zillion cookies, that's the on thing that's stuck from year to year.

bluedaisy said...

I'm in & yes, I still listen to CD's.

Favorite Traditions: Decorating the tree with the hubby & kids. Putting out Christmas cookies & milk for Santa.

Sandy said...

My favorite traditions are:
Having a Christmas Eve party at my house for everyone that needs tire kids out for bed.
Decorating the tree as a family.
Santa leaves each kid a present (books) in their room for the morning. They know instantly that he has been there!
The first person that remembers get to put Jesus in his manger.
Of course, Christmas jammies!

Karen said...

Advent calendars are my favorite things to do. We have several in our house, so that each kid can open one a day.

Jessica said...

Christmas eve service at church followed by chicken and cheese crescent rolls my mom makes.

CARRIE said...

I burn the CD and download it to my iPod.

My tradition is to always do something new every Christmas season....a community holiday thingie we've never done, buy each of the kids a new Christmas ornament that describes something special we did that year or something that showcases their personality (this year I bought each an ornament when we were in DisneyWorld.)

(I know I groused about Christmas music last year, but some kind of weird sh*t happened during the past 12 months because I got the music going on in the car....since late November...which is UNHEARD of for me.)

Nowheymama said...

Christmas Eve, all of it. The Christmas Eve service, the candles, Silent Night, seafood for dinner, and coming home from church to see the luminaries our neighbors light our street with.

Barbara Halabi said...

We save one Santa present for after dinner on Christmas night - we call it the table gift/Santa gift. I have been doing this since I was a child and am happy to continue the tradition.

Barbara Halabi