Sunday, December 04, 2011

Holiday Oblivion

Since the whirlwind that was November I can't seem to get back into a good routine, much of that is due to a long string of special events and busy weekends. While I have the sneaking suspicion that something BIG is getting away from me these disruptions to our routine haven't been all bad.

Today Matt and his parents took Michael to Cincinnati to see a Xavier women's basketball game. Harper and I got to head downtown to see a holiday window display as well as a performance of the Golden Dragon Acrobats. Holy cats was that amazing! It was a great way to spend part of an afternoon and I would have thoroughly enjoyed it all on my own - Harper's awe was like a cherry on top.

Earlier this year Matt and I decided to subscribe to a family entertainment series for four performances that take place in a historic theater in our area. Last month Matt and Harper saw a percussion group and in the new year we'll see a stage adaptation of The Sinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, as well as some kind of Magic School Bus performance. The tickets end up costing about the same as some of the community theater events we attend and we got great seats as subscribers. It was a great decision on our part and I hope we are able to purchase a subscription again in the future. As Michael gets older we'll either need to get more seats (right now we just have two) or we'll have to split the shows between the children.

Matt's parents joined us for dinner after the game and we watched the Packer game while we ate - a bonus of the living/dining room combo!

I didn't get a lot accomplished today - eh - that's how it goes sometimes. We've really been enjoying the last few weeks, just don't look at the state of my floors!


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CARRIE said...

What a neat thing to do! I love doing community arts things with N, and hopefully I'll be able to do more with G---I'm planning to take him to his first theater performance in the spring. About pirates and only an hour long. I figure at 4-and-a-half, he can handle it.