Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It was only about twelve days ago that I decided, at what felt like the last minute, to participate in this year's March for Babies. Matt and I reached out, through this blog, through Facebook, through email, to our friends and family, asking for support. I nervously set $200 as my personal goal on our March for Babies team website and it was surpassed in the first 48 hours. So I decided to up my goal a little, afraid to seem too bold or ask for too much, and I held my breathe as I typed in $5oo.

And here we are, four days before the walk, just a hair shy of $1,000!

I am beyond grateful for the amazing and generous support of the communities we've reached out to. And now I'm fairly confident, with four days left, that our total will exceed the $1,000. Which, whoa, I just don't even know what to say about that. Thank you.

And it looks like the weather will be gorgeous here on Saturday - so thank you to everyone who is sending us good weather vibes - it's working! I tried to explain to Harper what we were going to be doing and how we were raising money to help babies like Michael and families like ours. She listened attentively, waited for me to finish, looked up, and said, "I just don't understand what you're talking about." Then she skipped away and came out of her room later with bathing suit bottoms on her head.

Thank you for all the wonderful ways you support our goofy family.

(That's us, blowing you a kiss.)


jill said...

have fun...

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the weather and have a great day!

Those pictures are priceless!


Anonymous said...

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Stefanie said...

Hey Kelsey, I will be in spirit with YOU as well! Great job raising funds for our babies. I am so proud of you for going well above your goal. And your kids are way too cute to be believed.


Astarte said...

Good for you!!!!

Also, my kids do that, too - listen intently, profess that I'm basically a nut, and wander off. Sigh. I love the suit bottoms, though - they're a really nice touch!!!