Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Details

So we survived the first day of work.

I'm not sure we'll ever get used to the morning rush, but it was awfully nice to be settled in at home by noon-ish.

Unfortunately Michael cried nearly the entire time he was at the babysitter's this morning. (Pardon me while I remove the knife from my heart.)

I realize I didn't really address our childcare situation when I posted yesterday. Here's what is happening:

I'm subbing at the elementary school where Harper is in preschool Monday-Thursday we have it worked out so she can come to school with me and leave with me. On Fridays one or both of Matt's parents will watch her.

Michael is going to a babysitter's - a wonderful woman who lives in the neighborhood just a couple of blocks from the school.

We felt it was unreasonable to ask Matt's parents to watch Michael full time and decided it would be easier on him if things were consistent. So he is it the sitter's five mornings a week and Harper will get some special time with Matt's parents on Fridays - which is great for her, as adult attention all to herself has been in short supply.

We have left Michael before, with Matt's parents, and with the high school girl who helped us when I tutored this summer, but it's always been at our house. I think being left with a stranger in a strange place was just a little much for him this morning. I don't expect a 100% turn-around tomorrow, but I think he'll be a much happier camper by the end of next week.

I don't know what this says about me as a mother, but when I am teaching I find it pretty difficult to think about anything other than the task at hand, so I didn't spend my whole morning fretting about Michael. Although, knowing how today went, I'll probably worry a little more tomorrow.

We're headed up to Wisconsin to celebrate Easter with my side of the family. We'll leave tomorrow afternoon and return Monday (yes, they needed to find a sub for the sub!). In case I don't get to the computer while we're up there - I hope you all have wonderful weekends!


Erin said...


And what it says about you as a mother? Is that you have faith in your boy that he is resilient and deep down, you trust yourself, that you have made good decisions about his care. Both of those are true, too, so you're in good shape sister.

Also, you are BUSY at work, so there's that teensy little practicality too.

bluedaisy said...

Glad you made it through and I know what you mean about the morning rush- I struggle with that and it's sort of hit or miss. I have to be focused at work... otherwise, all I would do is feel bad about not being with the kids. Also, I am usually pretty busy and it sounds like you are too. That's a good thing- my work does involve some times where there is a lull and that is the WORST for me. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Hillary or Ryan said...

I hope everything is going well for your family with you being back in the classroom. Here are some things I've learned about early mornings. Get everything ready the night before (pick out your outfit, have bottles/food ready, etc.). Go to bed early...if possible. Some things will be overlooked (like my house is usually organized, but everything isn't always "white-glove" clean). I completely understand and appreciate the "I'm too busy at school" to think about being away from Grady all that much. And I'm certain he's learning good social skills while he's at day care. Okay...there's my hodge-podge of thoughts of being a working mother. Hope Michael is feeling better after your Children's Hospital visit.

Mommy Daisy said...

That would be my kind of teaching job...small groups of kids for parts of the day.

I think you're doing a good thing, and it sounds like everything will work out great.

samantha jo campen said...

It's never easy in the beginning--I hope Michael is enjoying himself more now!