Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beginning of the End

There are a lot of things changing around here lately. I'm working, our schedule has done lots of shifting, and Michael is increasingly mobile and increasingly irritable. I have been noticing a big change in Michael's personality these days - he seems much more frustrated than usual.

I think this is normal and it really does make developmental sense. If babies never got frustrated with being plonked down in one place on the floor, they'd never learn to move. So there is the movement that is looking more and more like actual crawling, and then there is the climbing. Michael is able to use just about any surface or object to pull himself up to his knees. There are two problems with this 1) he is not a reliable judge of object stability and 2) his record of returning to the floor without face-planting is not in his favor.

Our wonderful physical therapist has told me over and over that preemies are often lacking in upper arm strength. It does seem that the thought of using his arms to, I don't know, catch himself has not yet occurred to the boy. And he has the forehead bruises to prove it.

As a result of this new found ability to raise himself high enough from the ground to get hurt, I can no longer leave him alone for even a few moments. We all know it is not possible to spend your entire day within arm's reach of your child - which is why God invented pack-n-plays and other containment devices.

While I am greatly appreciative of the pack-n-play, Michael is not.

How about some video evidence?

That's right, my sweet little boy has learned how to throw a tantrum. He's a champ already, proving he can scream louder and longer than even the drama queen of the house.

I try to relegate him to the pack-n-play sparingly, but it is sometimes necessary. The other day I tried to let him play on the kitchen floor while I made dinner. He cried because I wouldn't pick him up, tried to climb up my legs, and bit me on the back of the leg - twice!

Over time I am sure he'll either get used to the pack-n-play or he'll learn to play at my feet without trying to eat them.

In case you're keeping track, other things which are tantrum inducing include:

  • putting the Cheerios away
  • putting him in his crib
  • an empty bowl of food
  • attempting to wipe his face
  • placing a sippy cup anywhere within a 12 inch radius of his head

Wee! Isn't motherhood fun?


Emily said...

Right there with ya. David is throwing tantrums already harder than Katy ever has. And the #1 offense? Not holding him. Put him down for 1 second and "AHHHHH!"


Giselle said...

In defense of the 2nd child...I think it isn't fair to compare tantrums of the 1st and 2nd. Think of how much harder it is for the 2nd to get attention. Think how much less frequently the schedule is set up for them. Think of how many fun off-limits things are around that weren't their when your 1st was cruising around. I get so frustrated with Lily sometimes, but I have to remind myself to give her a little slack...because it IS harder for her to be 2 than it was for Andrew. And then I put her in time-out...because no matter how hard it is, you STILL can't hit your mother.

Giselle said...

Oh my God...I've become one of the people that I hate. I used the wrong form of there/their in my post. Please excuse my lack of brain.

Pam said...

I had forgotten about all this and have it all to come again. Argh!!! Thanks for making me laugh and cringe at the same time.

A couple of years ago at a party, I was watching Jack like a hawk and sprung to my feet every time he stepped towards the deck because I knew if he fell down the 2 steps he wouldn't put his arms out and would land on his head. A young woman who was there (and didn't have kids) suggested I let him do it and maybe he'd learn from the experience. When she's a mother herself later in life I hope she looks back and realises what an idiotic thing she said.

Erin said...

I can vouch for the VOLUME of that tantrum, too! If he lacks upper body strength, then he makes up for it with LUNG POWER. Hee!

He is SO CUTE though. Which is a good thing for him, huh?

Astarte said...

Josie was pissed continualy until she learned to walk. I am not kidding. She was mad that she couldn't sit, then when she could sit, she was mad because she could see things that she wanted, but when she learned to crawl she could only go backwards for awhile, which was VERY unpopular, and once she could crawl, well, she was ready to WALK. I feel for you. You have a lot of screaming in your future.

BabyonBored said...

Another one who is right there with you. Sadie has learned to climb up onto thing but not back down. She is one bruised little lady.

samantha said...

He's in the big leagues now! But yeah, yet another milestone that isn't so joyful :-)