Saturday, February 07, 2009

Well at least the old vacuum cleaner is good for something...

But it will only be a "horse" until garbage day, when it will be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

I loved that Harper dedicated this video (a nod to the song dedicated to Mugga) and I also liked where she explained the rocking horse could not go in water because she'd decorated it with a "puppet ear." Maybe because puppet ears don't float?

I feel as though I should post some sort of warning here - tomorrow will be exactly one day since we had the first inkling that something was going wrong with my pregnancy. I still have many, many residual feelings about everything we went through last year and I think I'll write about some of that year. They probably won't be happy posts. So feel free to check out and come back in late March or April, when we'll be getting ready to go see the tulips at the arboretum!


Hillary or Ryan said...

Dear Harper, You may not know that your Mommy used to take care of horses and teach horseback riding when she was younger. This takes me back to the days of the corral. I'm going to now listen to Counting Crows' August and Everything After CD to bring back the memories. Love, Hillary

PS--Kelsey, I love her imagination!

jill said...

hugs. I still get upset thinking about going into labor early and all the crap that went with it. I can't imagine how you feel. take care and realize you have some great looking kids on your hands.

Chris said...

Loved the video, Kelsey. We'll have to see what Harper and Aaron can put together someday...then again, we better watch out at what they can put together.

I'll keep reading, even if the posts aren't too happy, because we all know the outcome, and can see the beauty that came out of the darkness.