Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vacuums and Blurbs

Okay, so I'm still looking for input on the vacuum situation. Thank you to everyone who already left some ideas for us! It looks like we may either go ahead and get a Dyson or get an Oreck. On the one hand, the Dyson is pretty; Orecks are like the orthopedic shoes of the vacuum cleaner world. On the other hand, in my (albeit limited) research, I can't find anyone to say a single bad think about Orecks, while it seems a few have some complaints about Dysons. In addition we have an Oreck store not for from here and the model we're looking at comes with several years of free annual tune-ups. I expect high performance from a vacuum that requres tuning-up. Then again, if we'd ever tuned up our current vacuum, maybe I wouldn't hate it so much. Although my mother-in-law used it for a small area today and admitted that the thing is a beast.

In other news here are some funny things Harper's said lately:

Yesterday she asked Matt something about why kids had to do what grown-ups said and when Matt asked why she was asking she proclaimed, "Because I don't want to spend my whole life working for Mommy!"

Today, at preschool, they apparently read a book about Ruby Bridges during circle time. Harper remembered a lot about the story. She was especially interested in the part where martians helped Ruby get to school!


Giselle said...

I'm interested to hear what vacuum you get...ours works great, but it is so so so heavy. Ugh. And I am just not clean enough to justify a Dyson...so Jeff says :)

Oh, and guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A subscription renewal envelope for Wondertime. It was letting me know that my subscription was running out next month and they included a convenient return envelope and form for my check and renewal. Huh? I thought they were discontinuing?

Astarte said...

I have a friend who has an Oreck, and she says that it's not as good as she'd hoped, for some reason. Also, she's annoyed that she has to make a special trip to get the bags, but I think, really, that you'd have to do that no matter what you got.

Martians?! Awesome!

Chris said...

Hi Kelsey. We have a Fuller vacuum...as in Fuller brush man. Yes, I know what you are thinking...they make a vacuum? We are happy with it (very light, pretty good attachments) but we only have carpet in 4 of our rooms. It was the most economical at the time (~$150) and the bags can be purchased at Fussnecker's (where we bought it). Can you test drive a couple before you buy?