Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day

Ah preschool, how do we love thee?

Harper took the final link off of her chain last night, looked up with a twinkle in her eye and said, "Tomorrow is school!" And, fortunately, school did not disappoint.

Frankly I wasn't terribly surprised when things went well today. What did surprise me was Harper's ability to recall what happened during her day. I think I got more information about this one day of school than I got in the entire first month of school last time.

Harper was excited about her teachers, her friends, circle time, snack time, play dough, and the playground. She mentioned that a friend of hers cried a little during circle time because he missed his mom. I asked her if she did anything to help him feel better and she said, "Mom, I couldn't! It was circle time and you can't be loud in circle time." Oh my darling daughter, if only you took the rules so seriously at home.

We chatted a little more about school tonight as I was putting Harper to bed. Then we laid down together on her bed, her head leaning up against mine, and read some stories. Harper sighed contentedly as I read and I found myself thinking, as I so often do these days, that she is currently in a particularly delightful stage and I hope it stays this way for a long, long time.


Ann (Nana) was reading a book to Harper before dinner. When she got to the poem about the snake Harper pointed to the picture and told her, "That snake swallowed his prayers!" Ann was very confused but figured Harper had some explanation because she tends to be right about things. When Ann pressed her a little Harper said that I'd read to her about the snake swallowing his prayers. Then Ann started reading (Do you see where this is going?)... about the snake swallowing his prey.


Erin said...

I have this idea, which perhaps I should run by you... that someday in like 12 years, Harper will come visit us for a week and I will take her to work with me. She'll spend a whole week as a wildlife biologist. She'd love it. Wouldn't that be FUN? I am penciling her in for June 2020. Hope that's okay with you.

Swistle said...

She looks like such a BIG GIRL in that first picture! Like, I can almost see her teenaged self!

Astarte said...

Look at her sweet little face! Oh, she looks adorable.

Liz said...

she is adorable and is looking so grown up! glad she loves school! :)

Hogan said...

Love the snake story.

Nature Hogan

Pam said...

I love reading about Harper's persepctive on life. What a little star she is!
I gave you an award for your blog, which I like a lot - it's on my site.