Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Fine Farewell

I suppose it is a little early to say that summer is over, but with school starting in two more days it sure feels like the end.

Today we headed to Matt's aunt and uncle's house to enjoy some family time and let Harper show off her new skills in the pool. Harper has always like the idea of swimming, but has never been a fan of getting her head wet. Most of the swimming we did last summer was nothing more than her puttering around on the pool stairs.

This summer, through the generosity of Matt's parents, Harper has been taking a weekly swimming lesson and her group lesson has been supplemented with a private lesson a couple of times a month. She has made huge strides since the beginning of the summer and her confidence and daring in the pool have increased. Even knowing this I think we were all surprised when Little Miss I Won't Get My Face Underwater decided, what the heck, she'd try going off the diving board. Do you think she liked it?

Michael's response to the pool was meh. He tolerated his feet in the water, but when Matt tried to put a little more of his body in, Michael completely freaked out - the screaming was instantaneous. I guess that isn't a surprise, considering he treats his bath like torture time. We'll have to reintroduce the pool next year, slowly.

It was a nice day with our family, we had a good dinner, and then it started to thunderstorm as soon as we got in the car to go home. If only every day worked out so perfectly.


Emily said...

Wow! Go Harper! I'm very impressed, I remember the posts about her being so tentative last year. Good diving!

Manager Mom said...

What a pair of cuties. I love your son's hat!

Laura said...

OMG! Michael is so big! And so cute! I love the pictures and seriously, Miss Daredevil has no fear, does she? 3 years old and jumping off the diving board. Awesome!