Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8-08-08, A Little Late

Astarte, at The Muddled Sage, tagged me for this meme. You know I always skip the tagging other people portion, but leave a link if you decide to do it as well.

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

Grey's Anatomy
Gilmore Girls
The Amazing Race
House Hunters
Jon and Kate Plus Eight

8 Restaurants I Love:

Ruby Tuesdays
Red Lobster
Bagel Cafe
The Venice Club (where we had our wedding reception)

8 Things that Happened Today:

I met with Harper's new teacher and LOVED her.
Harper went to swimming.
Harper went to gymnastics.
I fell asleep nursing Michael.
I picked up school forms from the pediatrician's office.
I folded laundry.
I took a shower (sigh, I wish this happened every day).
My Google reader wasn't (still isn't!) working.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

The mini reunion with my best college friends
My mom's next visit
A good school year for Harper
Football season
Our weekend getaway to Detroit (to see a football game)
My birthday (What? November isn't that far away.)
Harper's birthday
Dar Williams' new CD and concert in September

8 Things I Love About Summer:

It stays light so late
Cricket songs
The butterfly house
Summer reading club
The end of basketball season and having Matt all to ourselves
Pictures of the kids at parks and pools (and beaches)
Non-severe thunderstorms

8 Olympic Events I Want to See:

indoor volleyball
beach volleyball

8 Things on my Wish List:

A minivan with a DVD player for long trips
A remodeled (or at least spruced-up) master bath
A cure for food allergies
A winning lottery ticket
10 consecutive hours of sleep
The perfect job that comes along at the right time
A winning season for the Green Bay Packers
Time to answer the email I've been neglecting

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kelsey! I have been meaning to write you for such a long time now, I have had a card and envelope all addressed and half written for a couple weeks now :( When I first heard Dar was coming out with a cd I thought of you and figured you already knew but was excited! Life is busy on my end, even though I am currently looking for a job. It has been super nice actually, I've gotten to enjoy my summer and spend it doing all those kid things, like playing with chalk, bubbles, sprinklers, the zoo.. I'm just trying my hardest not to be a grown up :) and loving it!

Your munchkins are so adorable, my Godson, Gus, just turned 6 months and I am in love with him. I really liked when you wrote about how Harper thought to wait until her birthday to get a beach ball, so precious! That says a lot about you as a parent :)

Anyway, enough rambling.. snail mail is headed your way shortly!

Take care,