Friday, September 05, 2008

This is Where There'd Be Theme Music

Harper and I had a contentious sort of afternoon. At one point I just put my head down in my hands for a moment to do some deep breathing. Then I felt a little hand patting my shoulder and rubbing my back. "It's okay Mom," I heard her say, "When things go wrong you just make them right again."

It was very sweet, but I also felt a little like I was living a moment from a sappy TV sitcom.


Swistle said...


Anonymous said...

You better have Harper tell Mugga that right now as she is fretting terribly about her Packers!!

Lil Mouse said...

nothing wrong with living a sitcom sometimes.

ps i think baby stuff just took over my house. help! any idea on how to organize, especially since we dont plan on opening anything unless we find out we're NOT moving anytime soon? right now I plan on opening all the bags, photographing while I write the thank you notes, then putting them back into the totes we had to buy to keep everything dry on the 4 hour drive back home as it decided to pour down rain on us. any thoughts on how to 'make it better' otherwise? organize by color? by room of house it would be associated with 'washcloths' go with 'towels', etc? help! ps 7 totes. ahhh! screaming in terror.

Erin said...

Oh, I DO know those head-in-hand moments. At least there was nice theme music this time, though.