Monday, September 15, 2008

Temporarily Connected

Matt and I drove up to Detroit on Saturday, had a fun movie-going, hotel-staying weekend which concluded in an awesome Green Bay Packer win over the Detroit Lions.

Then we found out that our children and Matt's parents were dealing with power outages due to hurricane force winds in Ohio. Our power company is calling it the worst disaster they've ever dealt with. There hasn't been power at our house since 1 p.m. Sunday. We may not have it back for several more days and we're on restricted water use. If the power is not restored soon we may lose the ability to use our water as well.

Matt is sleeping at the house with Rebound. The kids and are I staying with Matt's parents since their power was restored early this morning. We are so grateful for a good meal and lights this evening!

I am borrowing Ann's laptop to post this. We may be out of touch for the next several days. They say it will take two months before crews are able to clean up all the debris. Our neighbor had an uprooted tree go clear through his roof. We seem to have some exterior damage to our chimney, which doesn't appear to be an immediate danger of any sort. I hope it won't be too long before things are back to normal. My heart goes out to those who are suffering through so much worse along the gulf coast.


KNJ said...

Holy Cow! After we realized it wasn't hitting us or my brother, we stopped tracking... I had no idea! It really is amazing how much we depend on electricity for our everyday lives. Post-storms are a cruel reminder. And I'm wondering if y'all even have 'diaster kits' at the ready? Flashlights, battery operated fans & weather radios, cards & games, enough food & water for 3 days, camp stoves... you know. Well, whenever you get this, know we'll keep the whole family in our prayers (and Hi to Ann & Mike too) - hang in there, Kristi

Lil Mouse said...

good luck hon. jeez. glad you have a safe place to stay.

Mommy Daisy said...

Seems crazy that the hurricane caused destruction this far north. It seemed to stop about here. We had some really strong winds. My parents who are north of here didn't. We thought we were going to have one of our trees go through the house. If it had kept up much longer, I think it would have. Our friends across town lost power, but we never did. I know it's bad in your area. Matt's cousin and family live there, and they are without power too. I hope it gets restored quickly.

Astarte said...

I'm so sorry!!! And your poor, poor neighbor! Holy cow! I will be praying for you and your utility lines!

Erin said...

Ooooh. Sorry. BAD news.

This reminds me of the Great St. Louis Power Outage of 2006. We went without power for nearly 5 days. The downside: our old refridgerator never recovered. The upside: our old refridgerator never recovered!

Hope you're up and running soon!

CARRIE said...

Glad you've finally got some power at your in-laws. I'll be praying the water doesn't take a hit next. Things in the 'Ville are slowly going back to least in my neck of the woods. I know there are other areas of town still in bad shape.

Pam said...

I'm glad you are okay - hopefully your powers is back on now, or this weekend. We're still down.
Every time they show Texas it makes me feel like I shouldn't complain too much. Could be a lot worse.