Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still Here

My mom left this morning and we are still marching forward.

Matt's mom picked Harper up from school, took her to lunch, and got her to gymnastics tonight as I, apparently, can only manage one child at a time. I am thinking (hoping, praying) this will change -- not the fact that they are willing to help us, but rather my ability to parent both of my children.

Some photos so you know we are, in fact, alive over here:

Harper picked that mask from the Halloween store last October. She was there with Matt while I hosted a book club at our house. She discovered the mask when we were cleaning out closets to get the bedrooms switched. Lovely.

Here's Michael in a photo taken today, six days beyond the one month mark. Something I wished I'd done with Harper was take a monthly photo of her in the same spot to sort of document her growth. Even though I missed one month exactly, I thought I could still make an attempt with Michael. This is probably a terrible thing to say about your child, but when he lays with his arms and legs like that? I can't help but notice a resemblance to a Butterball turkey, if you were getting a turkey to feed only two people.

We had a check with the pediatrician yesterday and Michael now weighs 6 pounds, 2 ounces. So at least he's eating. I can't manage to do much else, but I am managing to fatten up the baby.


Mommy Daisy said...

Hey, fattening up a baby is a big accomplishment...especially when your body is doing all the work.

You can do this parenting two kids thing. You can and will. And they'll turn out wonderfully and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

You are just too too hard on yourself and are always - now too - a great mom. You and Matt have your hands full and we are lucky that we have such a great family to spend time with all of you. It is a gift to me that I spend time with Harper - thank you so much!!!

Lil Mouse said...

you're killing me a butterball turkey. HA! I love it. dont stop with the jokes, they are probably great for your mood. who knows maybe that'll be a nickname for him with hopes he'll grow grow grow!

Giselle said...

Come visit my blog...I'm feeling equally inadequate and overwhelmed. And my mom is still with me ;)

We will figure this out. Just be sure to avoid watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC. That show seriously gives me a complex. How exactly does she sweep and wash her floor 3 times a day with 8 kids when I can hardly sweep and wash my floor 3 times a year with only 2. And that number is sure to drop now that I have 3 kids.

So, anyway. Come visit me to feel better about how you're doing. ;) I'm sure to be floundering. Is that spelled right? Lord. Stopping. Comment. Now.

Laura said...

I truly love your little Butterball! And, yeah, you're right; I kinda see the resemblance. But the cutest little turkey I've ever seen!

By the way, I think Nana is onto something... you ARE always a great mom and will continue to be. You don't know how NOT to be. Relax. I promise you that things will fall into place. Michael won't always be 6 weeks old and with each passing day, you'll all get into a rhythme. Go with it. Trust. Sleep. I just love that you remember your fans along the way and let us know that Bart Simpson has joined your family in the meantime!

Erin said...

How did I not comment on this yet? I thought I did. I keep coming back to that butterball photo. I love your idea of taking photos of him there at semi-regular intervals. THAT will make you feel more confident, for sure. You'll get to see him grow GROW GROW!

Unrelated note: Did you feel the earth move this morning? CRAZY!!

Anonymous said...

butterball! that's good. when dave and i see little kids that are chunky...we call them a pork roast with legs! (maybe it's a wisconsin thing?)
as for parenting two...it's an adjustment for everyone so buck up camper! it would be easier if you could just haul Michael in and out of the car, but you just can't yet so you need some help. It won't be that way forever. Pretty soon you'll be packing him up just to cart harper all over and wishing it were the days of getting more help so you could stay home and let someone else do the running!
You're doing great and it's not your parenting that dictates you need help right now...it's the situation. You're doing the best thing for both your kids to stay home with Michael while other people help elsewhere.
You've always had my support Kels so now I'm going to tell you to keep trucking along. You're doing great and from the sounds of it, every day is getting better and the setbacks are fewer and fewer between.

love you,

Liz said...

he is so cute!!! luke used to lay that way when he slept - legs bent and arms raised - i think he stopped when he was about 1, yes, that long. michael is getting so big!! and harper is getting errr... cuter and cuter? i'm sure you were thrilled with the bart head. ha! hang in there momma!

Astarte said...

Butterball turkey!! HA! You're right, too!

I'm glad you're hanging in there. See? You're doing fine. Fattening him up is what you're SUPPOSED to be doing.