Thursday, April 03, 2008

Looking Up

Ready for the latest? Michael is doing well on many fronts. Tuesday night he had another significant desat while eating. He is fine, but the doctors are watching him closely and have said he'll not be coming home until at least Monday. This is going to sound horrible, but that was a huge relief for me. I was really concerned he wasn't ready to come home this week, and apparently Michael felt the same way and decided to communicate that in no uncertain terms! But he's been in a crib since Tuesday night and seems to be holding his temperature well. The doctor doing rounds yesterday told me the desat thing is common because all of a sudden we are asking him to do so many things: drink all his feeding from a bottle, hold his own temp, etc. Man, it's hard work being a baby!

I'm sure it is difficult to get any sense of his size from those photos, but he is looking so big to me these days. Today I just couldn't get over how round his face looked. Michael is on his way to a baby double-chin, can you believe it? My idea of baby size is totally warped right now because his 5 lbs. 3 oz. seem enormous.

It was sunny here yesterday and last night I actually took a couple of hours "off" to attend my book club. The combination of some sunshine and a couple of hours laughing and chatting with women I really like ended up being a huge boost to my mood. Between being tethered to the breast pump and spending several hours a day (most days) at the hospital, it has been a challenge not to be mentally bogged down by everything. It was really a good thing to take a step back last night. There's nothing like discussing fictional characters' issues to get your out of your own head!

And now a picture of Harper's life these days:

When we're home alone together I make her pick toys to play with on the floor of our room while I pump. She's been pretty agreeable about it so far. Harper loves this toy computer Uncle Joe gave her for Christmas. That computer is one of several toys that are easy for her to drag in and out of the bedroom, thank goodness!

I think Harper has decided to re-accept her post as big sister. We were having some "issues" with stuffed animals today (don't ask) and there was a point at which I threatened to just get rid of them. She burst into tears and said, "You have to leave some for Michael!" Sigh. Maybe we'll keep them after all.


Mommy Daisy said...

It's great hearing about Michael's progress. You were probably right on it being too early to take him home. You know Mother's Intuition, you just can't doubt that. But, I do hope he's ready to come home soon. He looks adorable all wrapped in blankets.

It sounds like Harper is sure trying. Glad she's still thinking about Michael in a positive light.

How great that you were able to do something for you. You're doing so much lately, and mostly for other people. Take the time when you can.

Erin said...

OH Michael! He is SO CUTE and I can already see a lot of Harper's face in him. He does look bigger & rounder in the photos. I can definitely see it.

That is great that you got to your book club last night. I love the phrase "tethered to my breast pump." Wow, that is a remarkable accurate description.

Hillary said...

I think Michael does look a lot like Harper AND I also think he looks like your brother Jamie! :)

Nan said...

So cute. And growing fast.
Thanks so much for your donation for the MS Walk. With all you have going on, it means so much!

Swistle said...

It doesn't sound horrible to me AT ALL that you'd be relieved. Much as I would feel sad to leave my baby when I went home from the hospital---just because that has a Sad Feeling to it---I would kind of want the hospital to keep him "for the rest of the pregnancy." Like until he was full-term.

Also, I only pumped for a short time (my first baby weaned abruptly and I had hopes he'd pick it up again), and I swear the pump sucks out the will to live. That thing is a morale sucker, that's what it is.

Christina said...

Glad to hear you are all doing so well. Also glad to hear that Michael is doing a great job growing! Can't wait to meet him and see you guys again. Hopefully soon.