Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Means. . .

So we've been pretty busy around here, entertaining visitors, taking exciting day trips, and just enjoying the summer. All the while school has been crazy busy and we also went through a period of about two weeks during which I was interviewing for a teaching position for next fall and frantically trying to figure out day care possibilities. Even as I type this, I am in the middle of two projects which are actually due, oh, later today (considering that it is past midnight and technically Wednesday already).

I am not, as it turns out, going back to work in the fall. And I'll even be mostly finished with school by mid-August and I'll have a little more time for leisure computer activities. So some of you will have to be patient (Dad, Kristin) if posting is a little light for the next month or so. I'll do my best.

While there is a lot to catch up on here at Midwest Mom, I have just one little anecdote to share tonight. Earlier today Auntie M reminded me of a funny thing that happened when my mom was here a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing the fact that so many children are no longer raised to be respectful, are never told they can't have/do something, don't use manners, etc. My mom looked at Harper and said, "Do you know what it means when Mommy says no?"

Harper struck her thoughtful pose, finger to chin, and didn't say anything for about a minute. Then she raised her head and said, "It means time out?"


Anonymous said...

I'll take what I can get - a fellow busy student and full time worker - Kristin

Erin said...

Me too, I'll take what I can get. But see what happens when you don't post enough: I start calling you on the phone.

I sure do love a good Harper story.

Laura said...

Hey- it's nice to see you back and sharing cutie Harper stories once again. It's even better to know that you have been enjoying your summer and getting things accomplished. Keep up the good work and write down your stories in the meantime with your camera ready!