Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scenes From the Park: A Study in Two-Year-Old OCD

The other evening, in order to offset a long and cranky day, Harper and I walked to a park with Auntie M and Atticus. Auntie M and I sat on a bench and vented/chatted, while Harper ran off some steam and proved two things about herself:

1.) If there is such a thing as a two-year-old OCD, she has it. Let's just say she is a little set in her ways.

2.) Her hair does some funky things because of the static on plastic playground slides.

So here's how Harper's "playing" went:

1. Scurry up the steps at one end of the playground equipment.

2. Look at the twisty slide and yell, "The ant is still there!" (Early on in her playground adventure she noticed a little ant near the top of the twisty slide.)

3. Run across the bridge, arms flailing, yelling nonsensical preschool syllables.

4. Stop at the giant tic-tac-toe board and spin a few pieces.

5. Sit at the top of the tall slide and yell, "Here I go guys!"

6. Slide down, using feet to keep the descent slow.

7. Lay down at the bottom of the slide as though exhausted.

8. Sit up slowly and look at Mommy and Auntie M so they can fully appreciate the impact of the plastic slide on hair.

9. Run across the wood chips, jumping on and off the raised platforms at the bottom of each slide, until back at the steps.

10. Repeat. For nearly twenty minutes straight.

Have I ever mentioned that Harper is a bit. . . particular?

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Erin said...

I love love LOVE the static hair! That is hysterical. If you get that last close up shot printed, can you send me a copy. It makes me happy to look at it.

I love Harper's particular-ness. Remember when you visited, "Mommy, this puzzel piece goes downstairs, with the doggie, over the door to his house..." This post reminds me of that.