Thursday, July 26, 2007

How About Some Swimming Pictures?

For the past month we have been engaged in swimming "lessons" at our local rec center. The swimming lessons have taken place from 9:30 - 10:00 on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

I think that learning how to swim is important. I think learning to respect the water is important. I think learning how to be safe around water is important. To a point. (We did not take swimming lessons last year; between vacations and school it just didn't fit into our schedule.) If it is geographically or financially or logistically nightmarish then no, your two-year-old does not have to have swimming lessons. I found myself asking quite often, over the past month, whether our particular two-year-old really had to have swimming lessons.

Here, in no particular order, are:

The Top Ten Reasons I Will Not Miss Swimming Lessons

1. The mad dash to get home from swimming, get Harper changed, get myself changed and showered, and be ready to leave for class less than an hour later. Two-year-olds become their slowest, crankiest, most-difficult selves if you are in a hurry.

2. How disgusting I always felt after getting out of the intensely chemically treated rec pool water -- this was no backyard pool. I would smell like pool even after I showered.

3. Wrestling Harper back into her wet swimming suit if she needed to use the bathroom before we left the rec center.

4. Being out in relative public in my swimming suit.

5. The way Harper practically pulled my swimming suit off of me every time I tried to get her to do anything other than cling desperately to my upper body.

6. The way Harper would yell, "Nonononononono!!! I can't byo (blow) bubbles!" loud enough for most of Ohio to hear.

7. The way Harper would yell, "Nonononononono!!! I can't put my face in!" loud enough for most of Ohio to hear.

8. The way Harper would yell, "Nonononononono!!! I can't put my head under!" loud enough for most of Ohio to hear.

9. The way Harper would actually practice a skill she was supposed to be doing with me, and then as soon as the very perky instructor came over she would clam up, refuse to move a muscle, and scowl at her. Charming.

10. The fact that is has been between 55 and 65 degrees at 9:30 the last few swimming mornings and we've basically turned blue and lost toes to frost bite when getting out of the pool.

"So why," you ask me, "did you continue to torture the child with swimming when it was cold and she so clearly wasn't interested in any type of swimming instruction?"

Because every time I told her we were going to swimming Harper shouted, "Hooway!!!" and galloped around, fists pumping in the air, doing her little happy dance.

Apparently she wanted to be in the pool. Even if it did make her face look like this most of the time:


Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, that is sweet. I'm sure she's glad you go. It's a good learning experience for her too.

I wanted to start Zachariah on swimming lessons, but I can't find anyone that does them this young. I looked right around when he turned a year old. He was in the water when he was 3 months old. My parents have a pond, so I bought a float for babies that he and I can both be in. Now he loves it. We put him in a life jacket and float around the pond.

So, I guess maybe I'll find more chances for lessons in the fall when he turns 18 months. Or maybe we'll wait for next summer. I can't wait. It looks like Harper has a good time.

At least you have some precious pictures from it.

Swistle said...

Oh, that cute funny girl! Great pictures!

Emily said...

Oh, man, I can relate to alot of those things. Even though we're not in lessons, I've been taking Katy to the pool here and there. And it's fun, but I could make my own top ten of the things that aren't so pleasant about it. I was never a water baby myself...

But man, those pics bring back memories. I totally grew up in that pool. She looks really sweet.

Erin said...

Your description of Harper's "happy dance" is perfect. "'Hooway!!!' and galloped around, fists pumping in the air"... I love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that you could pay me enough to take Ally (my 2 year old) to a pool! She hates water even near her face, so no way!
I agree that it is important to be exposed to the water, so it is probably good for Harper (and eventually Ally). Plus Harper is so adorable! I love reading about your adventures together.
~Sara Flaherty (from UD Honors)

Laura said...

Thanks for clearing up where all of that noise has come from. Here in NE Ohio, we've wondered what that early morning racket was all about. Now we know; Harper didn't want to blow bubbles that day!

I love that you were able to come up with a solid Top 10 list! Just when I was thinking of calling around for swimming lessons for Elaina, you've already helped me decide to wait until next year! Thanks for writing the manual of "To Swim or Not To Swim With a 2 Year Old!"