Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adorably Insane

After leaving Auntie M's house today, Harper insisted I roll her window down. As I looked back, she was holding her hand up to the edge of the open window, fingers curled as if holding an imaginary handle. Then she brought her hand to her mouth and made a ssssppp sound.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Harper replied, "I am just catchin some wind in this cup so I can grink (drink) it."

And for me that pretty much sums up all there is to love about a two-year-old.


Laura said...

I love it! Pure, perfect innocence spoken from the mouth of a (bikini)babe!

What a sweet story to share! I love the way that girl thinks!

Erin said...

Have I mentioned how great Harper's sun hats are? I love them. I think it's the chin strap, so flippin' CUTE.

That pool looks awesome by the way. Can I join in?

Anonymous said...

Although Harper is the cutest thing ever I have to say that Adorably Insane is getting insanely old (sorry I said this tonight and your dad said if I didn't post it first he would). Anyway, I was without a roommate for a week and I want to know what she was up to!!! Love - Kristin (Shannon's roommate)

Anonymous said...

Adorably Insane is getting adorably OLD. Your blog fans need new material!!!