Sunday, June 17, 2007

Getting Good and Messy

Recently a whole host of factors have been conspiring to keep me away from this blog. It all began about a week ago when I tried to post a video and neither YouTube nor this computer were cooperating. I am usually pretty flexible when it comes to computer glitches, but I have been losing patience lately and that stubborn video clip was just pushing me over the edge. So at the end of this post there will be another video clip and I still have no idea whether or not it will work. Either way, I am finished monkeying with it. So there.

One Sunday (possibly last Sunday), we were all enjoying some idyllic time in the back yard; Matt and I reading at the table on the patio, Harper romping around in the fenced-in yard, and Rebound trotting all over. There was a lot of clunking and grunting coming from a place in the yard we couldn't quite see. We explored it to find that Harper had been digging in some soil we'd emptied from a broken pot (the pot was gone) and trying to get Rebound to eat the dirt.

Once upon a time I was reluctant to purchase a sandbox because I was afraid we'd be tethered to the patio all summer long and I had visions of Harper wailing as I closed the back door and forced her to spend some time in the air-conditioned house. As it turns out, she's going to treat the entire yard as if it were a sandbox and I probably shouldn't have been so afraid of the real thing. Dirt is filthy! Seriously. It was really difficult to get her dress clean.

Of course now that I've decided a sandbox would be a good thing, there aren't any decent ones left in our local stores. We looked at one today that was a) too small and b) less sturdy than what I could build myself with some construction paper and electrical tape. Sigh. For now we'll just keep visiting the local parks which have sandboxes. We can always break down and buy one online.

Among the many things I have been meaning to write about two little announcements seem the most important:

1) My friend Colleen, who was in first grade with me, had her second baby earlier this month. Welcome Ben!

2) My friend Tracy, a friend from college, had her first baby just a few days ago. Welcome Ruth!

Congratulations to both of their families!

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Erin said...

Kels, you might want to check out craigslist for a sandbox. I know several parents who have bought used but decent sandboxes from folks on craigslist. Just an idea.

Also, don't tease me about 48-hour trips to St. Louis. It's would be like teasing Harper about getting her a sandbox.