Friday, June 08, 2007

The Reason I Flush

. . . dead bugs down the toilet.

As I started to clean up the remains of our dinner I opened the trash can and something flew out of it!

My life has officially been shortened by about ten years.

Early today I found a fly, on its back, on our kitchen counter. In all honesty it is the first time I can remember ever seeing a fly in this house at all. In over two years. Weird.

I squished it between a couple of tissues (or so I thought) and put it in the garbage can. Only to have it fly back out at me hours later!

So Matt can laugh when I request that dead spiders be flushed, but that fly is exactly why such precautions are necessary.

(Unless of course, there was a second, non-squished fly in the garbage can. I deny that possibility because if it were true I would need to start to look into an apparent infestation.)

1 comment:

Erin said...

I venture a guess that Rebound is to thank for your normally fly-less house. Leia is an obsessive fly catcher in our house, and makes quite a spectacle of herself chasing flies around and eating them. She's not half bad at catching them either.

At least you didn't have a fyock of flies in the trash can.