Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There's A Crap on the Patio!

I'm trying the video thing again because look what showed up at our house!

(I know you really can't hear Harper in that clip, I think that poor sound quality is a side effect of using the digital (mostly still) camera to record video.)

After the mulling over the plight of the lack of local sandbox I called my parents, less than 48 before my mom was scheduled to come visit and said, "If you have time, maybe you could check if this sandbox is available at the toy store in Wisconsin." And it was!!!

It was not even at the store closest to them, and they drove late Saturday night, my dad on pain medication from having a tooth pulled, to pick it up for Harper. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

My mom drove it down here, Matt bought some sand, and we set it up Monday night after Harper had gone to bed.

She went with my mom to let Rebound out this morning and ran back into my room saying, "There is a crack sandbox in my yard!"

For some reason Harper cannot remember to pronounce the end of the word crab with a b sound. It either comes out crap or crack. He he he. She spent the afternoon playing in a red crack full of sand.


Kate said...

Love the video! She looks very happy with her crack.

Giselle said...

She must be in hog heaven! I laughed and laughed about the "crack sand". What kind of neighborhood do you live in where that's the only kind of sand? Tee hee hee.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the video. Sorry I couldn't see Harper enjoy her crack.