Saturday, January 29, 2011

Supervision Fail

Michael was playing in the living room the other morning while I was trying to find some information online, in the next room. There was a lot of noise and I asked if he'd gotten his blocks out - which was the wrong question to ask...

He decided he wanted to watch a Thomas DVD, and apparently had some trouble finding one, as ALL of the kids' "shows" ended up on the floor, many of them out of their cases. Oops.

(Yes, we have a lot of children's videos. What can I say. We didn't have cable when Harper was little. And I was in grad school so I will not pretend that she didn't watch TV, she did. I hope she appreciated the variety.)

It's always nice of the children to give us little reminders when we've got the leash a little long, no?


Sarah said...

Don't feel bad about the number of kids' movies you've got- I guarantee we have even more than that. We don't have cable either, because while I don't mind my kids watching TV and don't think there's any inherent evil in it, I DO mind commercials very much! Thus, tons and tons of DVD's to store.

CARRIE said...

That is my living room floor at all times. And my boys watch a tremendous amount of tv. Because I am exhausted from having 2 boys. I wish I had grad school as an excuse for my lack of supervision.