Friday, January 14, 2011


Michael just followed me into the bathroom (oh the joy of a two-year-old!) and, as I was taking care of things, picked up two extra rolls of toilet paper and started raising them and chanting, "Go Packers! Go Packers!"

The children have definitely caught the playoff spirit, even down here in Ohio, but I'm not sure how Michael confused toilet paper and pompoms.

Both children are going to be very disappointed tomorrow when the game doesn't even start until after bedtime, especially after being forced to sport their Packer apparel all day.


On another football related note - Harper was yelling at the television during a game a couple of Sundays ago. She turned to me and confessed, "I don't really know what's happening, I'm just practicing for when I'm a grown up."


Heather said...

I love it! Ryan was "watching" the OSU bowl game with us the other night. At one point he yelled, "Where's the flag on that?" Of course, there was no play happening at the time.....

tracy said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I am really hoping it comes down to the Packers-Bears matchup! However, my parents might not be able to peacefully co-exist if that happens.

I live for the day when I might be able to go to the bathroom by myself again!

Jill said...

K's thing is 'touchdown woo'. No exclamation to it, just, woo. Lol.

Chris said...

It all just cracks me up!

CARRIE said...

That is def one for the memory book!