Monday, January 24, 2011


Does expired tea lose its flavor? Because I made some tonight and what I'm drinking tastes less like chamomile and more like hot water. Maybe I haven't had much tea lately and I've forgotten that it does just taste like hot water.


I ordered a netbook on Friday night and now I am obsessively checking the web to see whether it has shipped already. I want it to be here so I can read/comment on your blogs and respond to three year old emails while I watch mostly mindless television. Evening activities unite!


Speaking of mindless television... Is anyone watching the new season of American Idol? I wasn't sure whether I would or not, but I started too, and I am surprised at how much I enjoy Jennifer Lopez. Also, I am a total sucker for the little human interest bits they do - especially when the contestants can really sing. Apparently in my book hardship + any hint of talent = entertainment.


Both of the kids have strep, although Harper's been on meds long enough that she did go to school today. Michael isn't as far along, big sigh. I hope we all sleep a little better tonight.


Last week I went to pick up Harper from school and my car wouldn't start up again when we tried to leave. I called Ann (mother-in-law) to pick up Harper, got a jump from AAA, got a new battery from our favorite local mechanic, and still managed to retrieve Michael from preschool on time. Despite the dead battery I think the universe was on my side that day.


We have concerns about some sort of prowler in our neighborhood. We got a call last Thursday night that a man had parked his car down the street, approached several houses including ours, and then went back to his car and drove away. Strange. There are footprints in the snow from our neighbor's front porch to our driveway - a path none of us ever walk - and there were similar footprints in the snow a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not exactly afraid someone is going to break into our house. That would be stupid because we don't have much of value, we have a ferocious dog (shhhh, he sounds ferocious), and I have a large metal flashlight for shining light into intruders' eyeballs and hitting them in the face.

I am afraid of looking out one of our many windows into the dark and seeing a face right there looking in at me - that is the stuff of my nightmares, seriously.

Aaaaand now I'll need a sedative to sleep tonight.


Harper would like you to know that she got her hair cut again and it is exciting because it matches Kit's hair!


Harper would also like you to know that she lost her other front tooth (while I was having the car battery changed). It came out while eating a piece of pizza! That makes the number of teeth she's lost four and then number that have needed to be pulled out by adults zero. That is happy math.


Michael would like you to be cool and pretend there is something interesting about his teeth.


Swistle said...

Oh, the front teeth! I take the kids for a portrait session when both fronties are out, because when those two grown-up teeth come in it changes their appearance SO MUCH.

Eep, me too with faces in dark windows.

JM said...

I caught one of the Idol shows last week and really enjoyed both J-Lo and Steven Tyler. Actually, I thought he was the best additions... so entertaining. I think the turnover on the panel has freshened it up as well... I wasn't really into these early shows before but liked hearing new perspectives.

bluedaisy said...

I'm not yet on board with American Idol but might have to give the new lineup a shot...hearing some good things! Love the pictures and Harper's new haircut makes me look forward to girl haircuts with Chloe!! The prowler thing is creepy for sure...I like your flashlight strategy!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are adorable AND cute!

Yes, tea can lose it's flavor. Matt has become a tea snob. He only drinks really good stuff (read: expensive) that must be stored in tin containers. This apparently is the best way to keep loose leaf tea fresh.

Scary about the prowler. Last winter a neighbor's house down the road quite a ways was broken into. When the police got there, they started tracking his prints through the snow. The guy had gone through our side yard, past my son's bedroom window (eek!), over our fence, and through our back yard. Yikes! I don't know if they ever found him, but fortunately we haven't heard of more problems since. It is good to know you have neighbors watching out for you though.

CARRIE said...

Me no like prowlers.
Cute haircut!!

Sarah said...

Ack about the prowler! I would seriously need to be sedated.
Addy has 2 loose teeth and I am in such SHOCK that it is time for that already!