Monday, January 31, 2011

Need a Writing Boost? It's Not Too Late

Something you may not know (and likely don't care about, but whatevs) is that I try to do a set amount of old fashioned writing, which is normally what I'm doing when I ignore the blog. I like to write with a specific type of pen and I write in composition notebooks, the kind that are plentiful when stores break out the back to school merchandise in July. My notebooks a part journal, part creative outlet, and occasionally provide material for blog posts or other pieces of writing. If I take something to the point that I'm attempting any kind of editing/revising I move it to the computer.

The rough goal I try to hold myself to is to complete one notebook a month. Since I slowed down a bit in late fall, I'm trying to do some extra writing to ring in 2011.

I love this picture of one full notebook beside one fresh, untouched, notebook:

I've been a little stuck in a rut in my notebooks lately so I jumped at this offer from my good friend Jen Violi (info yanked directly from her business Facebook page, hope that's okay Jen!):

28 for $28: DAILY WRITE-AMIN

Any writers or word-lovers out there need a little boost? I’m offering a 28 for $28 February special—consider it a daily write-amin (you know I just can’t resist the new dorky word combos).

For just $1 a day, each day in the month of February, I’ll send you an email with a different writing prompt/suggested activity as well as a little inspiration and encouragement for your writing day. Whether you need some new stamina for an old project, inspiration to start from scratch, or just want to commit to writing as a daily practice for your own personal reflection or transformation, this writing supplement is for you!

Register by Jan 31st (or contact me up 'til Feb. 4th to start a few days late) at!

For the direct link to sign up click here!

I'm so proud of Jen and all she has accomplished (her young adult novel will be published this year). I really admire the way she has taken her passions and turned them into a business. The best part is that she is opening up and sharing her wonderful self with anyone who wants to take advantage of her wisdom. I'm so pleased to be able to support her in living her dream, even in a small way.


Sarah said...

That's so cool! I used to journal a lot, but I've really dropped off since having the blog. Guess that's what most bloggers start out doing- journaling-, and then end up neglecting their notebooks for their laptops.
I love the idea. And the picture!

tracy said...

That is a great picture.