Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Easy Christmas Craft

It's December!

We received our first Christmas card in the mail!

It snowed for the first time!

I put my "Kids in the Car" Christmas mix in the van and Harper kept saying, "I love this song!"

I'm officially a fan of today. I even felt patient enough to embark on a little Christmas craft with the kids. I modified an idea I had from something Michael brought home from preschool. This is intended to be a window decoration so if, "Kids' stuff stuck haphazardly on the walls" isn't your decorating style, it might not be for you...

First I cut out some outlines of "shapes" from red and green construction paper. (Note to self: maybe don't freehand w/ the scissors next time.) Then I stuck the empty shapes onto squares of clear contact paper and Harper and Michael filled them in with tissue paper squares.

Observe (enlarge the photos to look at the children's faces and guess what we had for lunch):

Harper's first shape was a Christmas tree, while Michael tackled a loose representation of an ornament.

Here's what a few of them look like, stuck to our front windows. The kids were watching it SNOW!

Here is a closeup of something resembling an angel:

Harper and I ran outside to see them from another vantage point. They didn't look that great in the daylight, probably won't even be noticeable from the street. Later tonight, when Harper and I had to go out for a bit, they actually looked kind of cool with the kitchen light shining through them. You'll have to use your imagination.

The only thing that could even remotely be construed as mess with this project was a few stray tissue paper squares on the kitchen floor. Maybe we'll make them for every holiday/season...


Emily said...

brilliant! I might have to be a total copycat. Silly question...did you cut the tissue paper squares yourself or can you buy them already cut? I'm such a novice crafter.

Giselle said...

Awesome! It looks like something I could do.

(except I don't know where to buy contact paper. does it come in a rolls? also ditto on the tissue paper. )

Pam said...

Ditto on the tissue paper.

MamaK said...

great idea! we have a wee play date tomorrow, and I think I'll steal this idea. If I can dig the contact paper out of the closet before collapsing into bed.

and THANKS for the Christmas kids' suggestions :)

Catherine M. said...

This is very first grade teacher of you! I love it and am totally going to do this one with Em. They'd look great in our kitchen!

CARRIE said...

Totally stealing this idea from you chica!

Joan J said...

Thanks for this idea! My grandson and I did one of these this week, and it was fun. Posted a photo on my blog, and gave you a link. Thanks for sharing!

MONICA said...

Wow,fantastic job!Iam a new follower!!