Monday, December 20, 2010

Did They Cry? (A Visit with Santa)

The Santa Visit - How did it go?

Well Harper had no trouble, which is not a surprise. She knows that not all mall Santas are real, but she was pretty sure that ours was the "really real" Santa, because of the mailbox where you could leave letters for the North Pole. God love her, she really does want to believe - thank goodness, or she would have seen through the holes in our facade by now!

Also not surprising? Michael was not a big fan:

He did, however, venture a few steps from Santa's lap to say that he wants a matching game for Christmas. A matching game! How much do I love that kid? AND we had already purchased a sort of matching game for him so that was a lucky twist.

In the interest of fairness I feel I should remind you that Harper wasn't Santa's biggest fan when she was two either. This is still one of my favorite photos of all time:

By next year we might be done with the screaming/crying...


Marie Green said...

1. That Santa looks like Kenny Rogers! 2. My kids refuse to speak to Santa. REFUSE. So we were at this Christmas party over Thanksgiving and David and I nearly FELL OVER when Santa showed up and Marin became his side kick for the evening. And then we REALLY fell over when he called Kate's name (he brings an early gift for all) and she WENT UP AND SAT ON HIS LAP. We'd given up on Santa so many years ago, that we haven't even TRIED in years. Huh. (And even so, we STILL didn't take the kids to see Santa at the mall yet. THIS WAS OUR YEAR and we missed it. Sigh.) (I don't think we'll get there before Christmas... too busy, and it's also blizzarding all week. Boo.)

Giselle said...

Okay, that picture of baby Harper may be the cutest Santa picture I've ever seen.

I also love Harper's face in the one where Michael is screaming. She's all, "Should I just keep smiling? I'm trying to restrain him and help Santa."

Merry Christmas, Kelsey and fam!

PS. Your Christmas card was beautiful. Both close up shots of the kids were breathtaking. And I'm not even being cheesy. Really fabulous.

CARRIE said...

I can't help but adore screaming kid photos with Santa. I know he was terrified, but it is just so cute anyway.

And Harper's 2-year-old face. Showing much, "I want to scream my effin head off, but I will be strong, I will be strong."


Chris said...

I love that Santa has been the same for the last couple of years. The kids really remember him, and it keeps the spirit alive, I think. Such lovely pictures of the kids. I had forgotten about the one of Harper when she was little. Thanks for the reminder.

Hope the germ fest is letting up over there :)

Swistle said...

OH I love that photo of baby Harper TOO!

tracy said...

Wait -- is it the same Santa this year as it was when Harper was 2? Awesome!

Martha's reaction was the same as Michael's this year. TERRIFIED. He is coming to Seth's parents' on Christmas Eve and I am a little nervous about how it will all go down.

I miss & love you.

Mommy Daisy said...

So cute! Merry Christmas! Thanks for the card!