Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Tidbits

Things that are mostly checked off my list:

-the Christmas music mixes
-cards mailed (waiting on one address)

Things I have not begun at all:

-holiday notes to teachers
-wrapping anything
-baking anything
-cleaning the house
-figuring out how to keep peace between my children

Oh look, there they are, fighting over the nativity again:

Well, they probably aren't fighting in that picture but surely it was a momentary lapse into good behavior.

Michael goes two days a week to a Jewish Community Center preschool. He can't say Christmas clearly, but Hanukkah rolls right off his tongue! :-)

One of the highlights of the children's day is when one of them gets to put the ornament on the magnetic Christmas countdown tree. Or, on Michael's day, the "ormament." (He also calls it the "diming room" instead of dining room. Hee!)

When they do attempt to play cooperatively with the nativity set, Harper trades pieces like they are baseball cards. Example: "Michael, I'll give you these two shepherds and a donkey if you give me back the angel and Mary." Nothing like bartering with the Holy Family and friends!

Michael is excited about the snow and happily announces all the places it has landed, "Yook! No (snow) on my maybok (mailbox)!" But he won't step in it... could be a long winter.

If we're driving in the dark Michael screams with joy whenever he sees Christmas lights.

Harper likes to warn Michael that Santa won't bring him presents anytime he even looks like he's going to do something he shouldn't - despite my (sometimes) gentle reminders that this is not her job.

How are the holidays progressing at your house?


tracy said...

LOVED this post!

An episode of the stomach flu put most of our holiday-related plans on hold for the week. (Probably not a good idea to have the girls help make Christmas cookies if they've been barfing all day, right?)

It is awesome to read all of your nativity stories as we have much of the same going on around here. Our newest development is that Martha lost the baby Jesus from our magnetic nativity on the refrigerator (likely he is just hiding so as to not get puked on). Both big girls find Jesus's disappearance totally hilarious and have been searching high and low for him. (It's kinda like Erin's Find Jesus game, only none of us have any idea where he is!)

I will call you once everyone is well -- I miss you!

CARRIE said...

Ok, the nativity bartering is just hilarious!
Virtually all of my shopping is done. But I keep finding things for the kids that I think they will like better than what I got them. Why is it I hate shopping for everything other than Christmas gifts for my kids...when they get entirely too much from us and our family?
Wrapping almost all done.
Some decorating still left to do (weekend sickies cramped those plans).
Cookie decorating and crafts will come once N is out of school.
BTW--my mother is on the quest to find contact paper. I put her on it because I didn't want that headache with the 2 littles.

Erin said...

Hey, you are doing GREAT! I.e., you are waaaaay ahead of me. Minus the tree and lights on the house, we have done exactly NOTHING. And we have a birthday to ready for as well. No shopping done! No cards sent! No opportunities in sight!

Mommy Daisy said...

I was so excited. I got my Christmas card from you yesterday. So cute! I love it! And the little note was so sweet.

The Christmas season preparation is just so fun with little kids. Zachariah's at a great age where he's really enjoying so much of it.

Swistle said...

Ha! I love this. CUTE CHILDREN.

Let's see. We have our tree up and decorated, and I've done some of the shopping. And I took pictures of the kids and had them printed up, and I bought holiday stamps for the cards. But...I think that might be it.

bluedaisy said...

We are in a similar boat although I am definitely behind you! I love all these little stories. Your tree is beautiful- I am a fan of lots of lights & yours looks so pretty!! Oh & can we exchange cards this year? I can also send you an FB email and you can let me know if you are up for it :)

MamaK said...

wow! that is a GORGEOUS tree. and the kids near it too :)

um, holiday card photo not yet taken; half the shopping I know about done (but I always forget people); tree up without a skirt; lights up except one window; no baking or actual holiday plans made.

but mostly happy with it all.

tracy (part 2) said...

Okay, Kelsey, I have some Christmas-related questions for you!

1)Your tree is beautiful and I am amazed at all of the lights -- is it a real tree? (my attempts to cover our trees in that many lights always result in a near-maddening level of needle-shedding!)

2) How is it possible that your kids are sitting that close to the tree and not manhandling it?? Michael especially! We have tried a "look/smell but don't touch" policy and it's only minimally effective.

3) I vaguely remember (I could be way off) that you make some kind of special breakfast on Christmas? Or maybe it's monkey bread? I would love the details.

Ok thanks. Love you!

ps: REALLY sorry about the Packers yesterday.