Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Update

Good grief! I can't believe a post about the termite guy has been languishing here for over a week. Why didn't someone complain?

In no particular order, here are some things that have been keeping us busy:

1. We celebrated Matt's 31st birthday. His gifts included a couple of new games we can try out on vacation. I made ribs for dinner, and a homemade macaroni and cheese that should probably be outlawed. Seriously. It contained milk, evaporated milk, three kinds of cheese, and EGGS. So yes, it was a little rich.

2. Michael got a MUCH NEEDED haircut. He behaved beautifully and now he looks a little less like a feral child I picked up in the woods.



3. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. (See floral evidence below, thanks Matt!). Eight years? What the heck? Have I even been out of high school for eight years? Uh, let's not think too hard about the answer to that question...

4. The AAU basketball team that Matt coaches took 7th place at their national tournament in Minnesota. I drove over from Wisconsin, leaving the kids with my parents, to watch their final two games. It was worth ten or so hours in the car to be there with Matt. This fall he's going to coach Harper's rec center team of five and six-year-olds - that should be entertaining!

5. Michael used the potty seat!

He's not actually ready to commit to potty training, but he is showing an interest so we're encouraging him to give it a go (hahaha). I think Harper first used her potty seat about ten months before she was even close to being fully trained. I guess you could say we take it slowly around here.

(Bonus flashback photo!)

So what have YOU been up to?


CARRIE said...

Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes, doesn't it? When N was 2 I asked the pediatrician about potty-training and she said wait until age 3. ALRIGHT!!! I can get behind that. It is probably the only area of my life where I procrastinate. Although it will be great to not be buying diapers for 2 kids.

Oh, and I love the word "feral." Need to find more opportunities to use it.

Emily said...

Just noticed in this post the mention of vacation, so my perhaps my email will be a moot point? Let me know.

We are right there with you and the potty training. We're giving it a try but I'm in no rush. Don't have the energy to be in a rush.

Anonymous said...

Kelsey - Is your math right? You said you have been out of high school for 8 years. Did you mean college? I don't like to think about how old I am either, but I have been out of high school for 17 years. Weren't you a Freshman when I was a Senior? :)

Kerry (Feller) Hardin

Anonymous said...

Duh - I now see the word even, as in "Have I even been out". I missed that critical word. Sorry!


MamaK said...

Jim once coached a 4-5 yr old bball team for the Y. Honest exchange:

Cody, tie your shoe. (x3, every time they ran past him)

"coach, I don't know how to tie shoes"

Oh, well then, SUB!

I still laugh thinking about it.

and 31? Seriously? Man, you guys are spring chickens :) Jim is a heck of a lot closer to 40 than that. hee hee.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you did a good job.