Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Future Reference

Dear Terminex Man,

Thank you for coming and assuring us that there are no signs of termite activity in our home. I could have done without the stories of other inspections you've done recently which did turn up termite activity. In the future, might I also suggest you not tell a potentially arachnophobic customer that you'd recently found black widow spiders in not one, but two homes in her area? It might also be wise to refrain from further divulging that it isn't really the black widows but the brown recluse spiders that you worry about. After all, you've seen what they can do.

I appreciate your help on the termites, but save the insomnia inducing spider stories for back at the office, mkay?


Your Reluctantly Grateful Customer


bluedaisy said...

Oh, don't you love it? Hope you don't hold onto that info. for too long! And glad to hear that you don't have a termite problem.

Pam said...

Ha ha ha! I'm glad you don't have termites but what a great story. As if we aren't all scared of spiders enough as it is ...

tracy said...

We unfortunately have personal experience with brown recluse spiders. The good news? We have learned to peacefully coexist.

Aside from Christmas and the first snowfall, deep seclusion of the brown recluse spider (they are pretty much never seen in cold weather) is winter's only redeeming quality.