Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th

So we're staying with my parents in small town Wisconsin. Sussex has about 10,000 residents and a tiny little downtown area. My parents live just off of Main Street. I did a quick change after church this morning and we walked across a grassly lot to wait for the children's parade.

Harper, Michael, and Kid Sister (Shannon's doll from the 80's) were anxiously awaiting the parade.

Actually, Michael was a little nervous. Turns out he had little to fear, it was a small and mostly quiet parade. He did get hit in the head with a rogue piece of candy and shed a few tears.

The parade started with a veterans' group with flags and rifles. Rifles which they shot into the air right in front of us (!), fortunately we saw it coming and quickly covered the kids' ears. The flags were followed by an old fashioned fire truck and a million children with decorated bikes and scooters. The bikes, scooters, wagons, and kiddie cars were the bulk of the parade. Lots of children had decorated bike helmets which was cool and many people threw candy at us. The family sitting next to us was thrilled because our kids didn't pick up any of the candy (couldn't tell if it was safe for Harper).

The parade ended with an ambulance and a fire truck and then we walked across the street to play at the park behind the library. There are lots of great things about the city we live in, but this small town life has its perks.

If you've been voting for Matt's Pepsi Refresh project, please keep it up, if you haven't voted please consider registering! I hadn't realized that these projects are being funded by money Pepsi would have spent on Super Bowl ads, which I think is pretty cool.


CARRIE said...

There is something very cool to be said about small delights in a small town. This is about the size of parade I can handle. I hate to use this word because it sorta sounds like an insult, but it looks a NICE way.

Heather said...

LOVE the final picture! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

KID SISTER!!!! I so remember that (her?). I'm with you - small town life definitely has perks. and quirks. great photos :)


Hillary or Ryan said...

Kid Sister, Kid Sister, Kid Sister and, I even remember the song! Looks like you had a great time!