Sunday, May 02, 2010

Proud Moment in a Geeky Parenthood

I don't think milestones get quite as much hype once children are past the potty-training stage. Harper has gone through a few things recently that have made me want to double-over with the shock of how old she is getting.

We hit up our local library for story time when I was on spring break and it occurred to me that Harper was probably old enough to get her very own library card. So we sat down together at a table and filled out the paperwork. Then she signed the back of her card, chose her password (for online business as well as using the self-checkout stations), and went back to the children's section to allow her to pick out books to check out with her very own card.

She even got to write her name on the back of her new library card all by herself. So proud!

We have plenty, PLENTY, of books in this house. There is no material reason that we have to visit the library. However, I feel that libraries are forces of good in the world and I want my children to grow up believing in their importance. (And then vote to support them when they are old enough to do so.) I believe by having her own library card Harper will feel, in a deeper way, that the library is there for her.

It wasn't something we did every week, but I have special memories of my dad taking us to our tiny public library in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, on Saturday mornings for Bluebug books and some quality time. I hope my children grow up with similar fond memories of our library visits.


On a side-note, I think I'm going to accept Mommy Daisy's challenge to blog three times a week in May, attempting to get back in the habit before I'm off of work for the summer. Wanna join me?


Mommy Daisy said...

Hurray! I'm so glad you're joining me. I've missed your posts. Though I know that you're way more busy now.

I love that Harper got her own library card. I don't take Zachariah to the library enough. And I'm not sure why, I love it there too. Now you've inspired me to take him more. :D

JM said...

Wow, Kelsey... I agree. I have such fond, fond memories of the children's section (i.e. - basement) of the church converted to a library.

Thank you for the extra reason to smile today.

Hillary or Ryan said...

I grew up one block away from Watertown's public library. I'm certain that's why I'm an English teacher today.

I love taking Grady to the library to get books. It's one of my favorite activities.

tracy said...

Ruth loves the library too! We have a tiny branch the next street over, and I am always so thankful it's there.

Harper looks SO PLEASED with her card and new books! I love it -- thanks for sharing these.

We miss you guys.

Marie Green said...

My kids have library cards too, and we DO go nearly every week. Well, Marin and I go every week (for story time), but the older two get to go less often. They get library at school, though. But when they DO get to go, they are soooooo excited. Our house is overflowing with books, too, but using the library is supporting the library- something we are passionate about. Plus, it's always fun to have new stuff around to read.... and it's greener, too, than buying.

Anyway, WAY TO GO Harper! (And you too for starting her off in life with a love of books!)